Small Recliner Chair Double Chaise Lounge with Cup Holders

Instead of playing house, do your kids love playing successful businessman in the Bahamas relaxing by the poolside of the hotel and having a jolly good time after a very successful investment? Are they dreamed of living a decent life? Do you simply want to provide your kids with neat, cool things that will greatly improve their quality of life and their happiness? Then, this double chaise small recliner chair with cup holders is perfect for you!

This small recliner chair comes with 2 chaise lounges (for side by side relaxation), a 3 sided canopy and meshes windows so your kids can always be in-the-know of what’s going on around them. Made out of weather-resistant wood and really sturdy canvas, you don’t need to worry about putting this chaise lounge back into the garage even if it’s about to rain: it can deal with the weather just fine.

Besides, it also comes with everything needed to put it together and with simple, no-nonsense understandable instructions so you can build it fast and without hassle to ensure your kids can get to chillaxing right away.

All in all, this recliner chair is going to be the perfect addition to your yard, especially by the poolside, but it will still be amazing even if you don’t have one. And hey, if you are a pet lover, I am sure your dogs or cats will also appreciate being able to play successful business dog/business cat on a trip to the Bahamas with it!

8.5Expert Score

You can’t find a better way to relax in the lounge and have a cold drink or two.

Easy to assemble
Value for money

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