Handmade Solar System Bracelet Anxiety Relief Gemstones

If your lovely significant other is your Sun and your start, if you have a friend that is really into astrology or astronomy, if you have a child that really loves the night sky and galaxies and the moon… you might already be looking for a beautiful, amazing Christmas gift for them. Fret not, we have done all the work for you and found the perfect gift for them: this solar system bracelet.

Like a star projector that allows you to see some magnificent images and the beauty of universe, galaxies, planets, the solar system bracelet will enable you to see deeper into our solar system galaxies and closer at the each one of them.

This incredibly fashionable bracelet is not only the most stylish thing ever, but it has a stretchy design to fit most wrist sizes; and if you are into authenticity you will be happy to find that the stones are not man-made but genuine natural gems, which provides the side benefit of anxiety relief and helps with emotional regulation !

On top of this, the gems are also varnished so the oils of the skin won’t damage them and it comes with a lovely velvet pouch, which makes it perfect as a gift for any type of occasion. No matter if you are getting it for a child, a friend or for yourself, this lovely bracelet will make the delights of those that love space and everything that it contains (disclaimer: we haven’t found aliens in this bracelet, but you can never be sure. If you find an alien, report to your nearest Area 51 for instructions on what to do).

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Put yourself in the centre of the solar system and let nine planets revolving around you.

Genuine& Unique

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