Star Projector Solar System Space Toy Set

Instantly fill your room with the beauty of universe, galaxies, planets, and spaceships by just turning on this planetarium star projector.

If you have a kid that dreams of the moon and the stars, or want to become a cool space cowboy, you probably have spent plenty of nights looking out of the window watching over the night sky with them, learning and being amazed at how lucky humans are that we get to experience such a thing.

And if you want to foster a love of science and support your kid in their love of stars and astronomy, the Discovery Star Planetarium can be a great gift choice. This star projector will recreate the image of the night sky in your kids’ bedroom so they can marvel at it while they fall asleep.

Designing after a real spaceship and observatory equipment, the unique science theme will be your kid’s love. And it features two modes (stationary and moving) for a choice of a fixed sky or a night sky that softly moves and changes, just like the real one.

This star projector also comes with four discs with 8 slides on each for a total of 32 photos of the night sky! Your kid will have their fill of different stars, galaxies, planets, and spaceships.

For the best view, use this projector in a very darkened room, and hold the projector close to the viewing surface for the most precise, most visible images possible.

8.1Expert Score

Spending quality time with children exploring the fantastic Starsky for the family night.

Solar System

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