29 Cool Star Trek Gifts That Every Trekkie Will Love

Only certified trekkies or trekkers will know Starfleet by heart, or fully appreciate the characters Captain Kirk and Scotty. The general public most probably would know, at least by face, Spock and Worf, but not the rest of the characters from the classic Star Trek. Been adapted in various platforms from TV, movies, games, and the like throughout the years, the faces and stories involving the classic sci-fi series have evolved. Whether they grew up watching Star Trek as they were released or years later after the reboot, true fans will always appreciate these cool Star Trek gifts below.

Star Trek Gifts

Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide

Nothing will ever stop Star Trek fans from getting fit while waiting for the next reboot or Star Trek convention. “Body by the Starfleet” is a fun book that combines physical wellness and Star Trek characters. The fully illustrated guide appeals to the pop-culture junkie who also is aiming to live a healthy life. As if they are trapped in the Starfleet with nowhere else to go, engaging in fun exercises is still possible.

Designed to be performed on Earth’s gravity requiring minimal to no equipment, making each routine easy to follow and doable. The guide contains 30 exercises featuring: Klingon Tribble Twists, Chekov’s Cossack Squats, Jefferies Tube Climbers, Wesley Crunchers. It even includes exercises for aliens like Medusans and Horta.

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USS Enterprise Replica Speaker

For fans who have been missing the entire crew of Star Trek, celebrate their 30th anniversary with the next generation bluetooth speakers. These are the most fitting gifts for Star Trek fans who have been waiting for a reboot and who grew up with the entire cast. Don’t miss this opportunity to let them know that you know them well enough that this is a collector’s item they have been waiting for.

Lull them to sleep with the soothing 60-minute engine simulator. Or, connect to their smartphone to play their favorite track. The speaker transforms to a night light with blinking LED light as the music plays throughout the night.

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Star Trek Rocks Glasses

Make the Star Trek fan feel like they are lounging at Ten Forward, Star Trek’s social hub. Dine and wine with the special edition glasses to commemorate the years of adventures and camaraderie. A great way to cap a day with good friends while watching the amazing view of the space ahead. Make sure your loved one gets a glimpse of the Ten Forward experience.

The drinking glasses have a classic design that will never go out of style. Albeit, looking at them can send them lightyears away to a place and time where humans and aliens co-exist. Let them bring three buddies on the space adventure while sipping a glass of their favorite cocktail.

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USS Pizza Cutter Utensil

Be bold and fearless. Don’t let non-humanoid capture your friend’s taste in the classic pizza. Transport them to a place of new toppings and flavor with the starship pizza cutter. Don’t allow that they are left behind to deal with the ordinary humans who know nothing of the space beyond. Gear them up with official merchandise from Star Trek and put an end to their five-year mission. It is the perfect weapon to combat the person who hoards half of the pizza, and laser-etch the pizza right away in equal proportions for a peaceful dining.

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Collector's Edition Touch LED Watch

For the hard core Star Trek fan, let them bring a piece of their favorite series with them wherever they may go. Years may come and go but the true essence of Star Trek remains. Let the spirit live on with the collector’s edition LED watch. This watch has a one-of-a-kind touch screen that tells time on demand. It brings out the ingenuity and creativity in a wearable piece. They can bring it anywhere as it is water resistant and can last for a lifetime.

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Star Trek Battleship Desk Lamp

When a humanoid abandons a ship, don’t let them go without any memorabilia. This is the one of the most fitting gifts you can give someone to always remember Starfleet. Symbolizes their loyalty to Captain Kirk in the form of a Star Trek battleship desk lamp. The 3D optical illusion desk lamp gives off various colors to any desk. Giving a character that can never be encapsulated in one word. Send any room to outer space with the lighting fixture that will catch both humanoids and aliens to space.

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App-Enabled Interactive Plush

For the trekkie who needs some plushie experience, surprise them with tribbles. And specially designed by fans, for fans, it will be treasured even by the younger generation of Star Trek fans. The lifelike play mode features three sounds: angry, happy, or mixed. And, the plushie, can also scream on command. It comes with an app but they can play it with or without the app. Perfect as collectibles, even for cosplayers, or simply having fun. It is at the end of the day a soft far that is so easy to cuddle.

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Star Trek Communicator Badge

What is every Trekkie or Star Trek’s fan most sought after possession? Definitely the communicator badge. It is the badge that makes them feel they are part of the “crew.” So, for the birthday of a trekkie, give them a communicator badge. First introduced in 1987, it has evolved since then. In this era, they can connect it to their electronic gadgets for handsfree callback and playback. They can even activate the classic “chirp” sound to make it closer to the original. With the 30th anniversary packaging, it can easily fall as a collectible.

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Captain's Log Large Notebook

Every Star Trek fan, whether they love notebooks or not, will never reject a themed notebook. They can always pretend to be Captain Kirk or Picard trying to log everything that is happening. The Star Trek notebook is something fans can keep as collectible. Or, use it extensively as their life’s journal. Logging their journey towards the wide horizon. Or, maybe even write fanfiction of the original masterpiece. When they are given blank notebooks, their imagination will run free. Let the creative juices flow with their love for Star Trek.

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Star Trek Tiberius

Fans, regardless of generation, will always want a piece of their favorite artist or show. And, Star Trek fans are no exception. Your man will fly to the moon, and hopefully when he goes back, tickle his senses with the woody aroma of the men’s fragrance inspired by Star Trek. The Tiberius has a mixture of manly aroma such as pear, citrus, lavender, woody notes, musk and moss. Bring them to space with this fragrance which any man, especially an avid Star Trek fan, will enjoy and use sparingly.

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Federation: The First 150 Years

The book that only hard core Star Trek fans will understand, but it’s also the gateway for new fans to uncover the story behind the Star Trek universe. So, don’t worry if this may look daunting to others, you can never go wrong with The Federation. This book celebrates the 150th year from the foundation of the United Federation of Planets. It comes with pages of a well-illustrated chronicle leading to the age of exploration, also has five (5) detachable pages which includes Cockrane’s sketch, Kirk’s handwritten letter, and the Trill symbiont diagram. Each page will throw them back to the series and get a better appreciation of the entire plot.

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Tridimensional Chess Set

What Star Trek gifts are the true representation of the zero gravity leisure and entertainment on the Star Fleet? Nothing else but the chess set. If the trekkie also likes playing chess, then this is heaven. Where can you get a three dimensional set but Star Trek’s? The 32 game pieces are either sterling or gold coated, tying it up to the theme of the chess set. People might get confused with the rule. So, ensure that you encourage them to check the booklet for rules of the game. 

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Light-Up Shuttlecraft

True fans of Star Trek will love a replica of the Galileo shuttlecraft, a great addition to an existing collection. This would be a great gift to send to trekkie who have been trying to complete all thep Star Trek’s merchandise. The light-up shuttlecraft is the miniature version of what the crew onboard when they transport from one place to the next. Light up the Federation next to your Christmas tree. Or, displayed by the shelf next to other miniature collections. Apart from the actual display with lights, it comes with a book to explain the history of federation ships.

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Spock Dog Costume

For Christmas, shower their pets too and get their fur babies into the Star Trek craziness with the spock costume! Nothing is as adorable on your babies as the spock dog costume. It even comes with an emblem to make it a certified Star Trek costume. The fun thing about the blue jacket. Their dog will love the design of the jacket from pictures of the emblem. Bring spock into life as the dog fits into the overall theme, and convert even their dog to be Star Trek fans.

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Transporter Heat Changing Mug

Want a fun way to reminisce about Star Trek characters? The heat changing mug is one of the best gifts even non-fans would want to have. Watch their amazed look as the characters transport into the mug while drinking their favorite beverages.

With the heat-changing mug, the characters transport to the scene whenever a hot beverage is poured into the mug. Now, Trekkies would love drinking their hot coffee, tea, or choco as they watch the characters come to life. They will disappear again once the mug cools off. A fun and exciting way to share warm drinks with co-Trekkies and even non-fans.

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Captain Kirk Drink Kooler

For Trekkies who live their drinks cold, there is a way to relish the taste and still remember the good old times of Star Trek. Give them drink coolers with Captain Kirk’s shirt replica for this Christmas. The drink cooler is an official Star Trek merchandise that will make every fan happy that they are contributing to the franchise. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to see but it works too keeping the beverages cool. Sharing it with friends, fans and non-fans alike, would be a treat. Drink in style and let their fandom shine with the cooler.

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Command Badge PopGrip

Catch another Trekkie with the Popsocket, and don’t let their love for their fave show lose their grip. Get them the Star Trek official phone grip so they can watch the series handsfree. Never a moment will they worry about dropping their phones or tablets accidentally.

Anyone who shares the same interest would surely notice the Star Trek symbol on their popsocket. And it will always be nice to find new acquaintances who share the same hobbies or interests. This is a swappable popsocket which they exchange to something else depending on their mood. Aside from this, it does whatever other popsockets do which is to handle the phones or tablets effortlessly and hands free.

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Kirk Fu Manual

If Bruce Lee has Kungfu, Starfleet’s captain has Kirk Fu. So, if you want to learn how to defend yourselves, the Kirk Fu Manual is highly recommended. This is one of those one-of-a-kind Star Trek gifts that you never know existed. The guide showcases the unarmed combat of the most coveted Captain of Starfleet. Years of experience battling anyone or anything from the Kiingtons to the alien gladiators, and even from the supermen clones to the giant reptiles. All of Captain Kirk’s unmatched fighting techniques revealed in this manual that anyone who admired him will respect him even more.

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Star Trek Alloy Keychain

Long live the spirit of Star Trek! Let your trekkie friend flaunt their love for the series with a themed keychain. Rather than something that they can only display back home, let them bring a piece of their Trekkie self out in the public. The keychain has the Star Trek’s symbol or logo on it. Made from alloy steel, it will surely stand the test of time and hits of asteroids and alien invasions. Let them be proud that they are part of the trekkie family who remained loyal all these years, and remind them of their devotion through this keychain.

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Adult Fleece Costume Bath Robe

Be your own captain at home dressed in Captain Kirk’s bathrobe. Allow your Trekkie partner to feel this once in a while. This is one of those practical gifts you can give to a hard core fan who will cherish them to the next universe. You can never go wrong with Captain Kirk’s bathrobe as it is soft and comfy. Made from fleece, it will surely make them feel cozy and warm after a shower or upon waking up in the morning. The feel of the soft fleece against the skin will leave a smile on their face as they pretend to walk inside the Starfleet’s quarters.

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Starships Model

Hardcore fans of Star Trek will fall head over heels with the Starship figurine. So, if you know someone who loves to collect Star Trek items or maybe even thinking of starting one, the Starship is a great find. The replica will surely catch the attention of anyone as it gets displayed on a shelf or special case. Made of a detailed diecast and plastic body, it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, and will guarantee brownie points from the trekkie.

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Slim Pocket Phone Charger

“Power up captain,” this would be the best words to utter when plugging in the devices to the Star Trek designed phone charger. You don’t need to look far if you are looking for practical items. The power bank is a great Star Trek memorabilia fans will use all the time. Only trekkies will be able to identify the design of the power bank which shows TNG Lars design on the front. At the back, it showcases the fandom’s emblem and U.S.S. Enterprise. The 10,000 MaH slim power bank can charge up to two gadgets at the same time while on the go. Charge with style and flaunt their fandom.

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Star Wars Playing Cards

When your friends love sharing their love of the intergalactic world, what else would be better than a space-themed playing card? The design on the box and individual cards gives off the space-feel, transporting all players to the world unseen. Battle with the aliens, giant walking reptiles, and genetically engineered superheroes. Drop the jokers and the aces to keep the ball rolling. Make everyone look forward to each game of poker and the like while being mesmerized with the space-themed design. This is the best way to flaunt their love as fans sharing happiness to non-fans and trekkies alike.

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The Original Series Shuttlecraft Slippers

Get ready to launch into the horizon with the Starfleet 3D slippers. Give the hardcore Star Trek fan with the comfy, fluffy 3D slippers. These cozy slippers will make them feel like walking on clouds or on the moon. Watch them as they slide their feet into the Shuttlecraft slippers. The 3D slippers are official Star Trek merchandise especially designed and made for the loyal fans. Made of premium quality materials, it guarantees to pamper your feet and safeguard every walk with the non-slip sole. Get them ready for their next mission to the bedroom and fly to the infinite universe.

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The Official Starships Collection

Complete your friend’s Star Trek starship collection with the Nebula Class. Only true fans will understand the history of this Federation Starfleet. Those with keen, sharp eyes would know that prior to the 24th century, the Nebula Class debuted in the debris field in the series ‘The Best of Both Worlds.’ So, challenge the Trekkie’s knowledge and keen eyes if they captured this small detail.

The replica of Captain Maxwell’s ship is hand painted to match the original version. And the design reflects the history of the Nebula Class from its first debut to the 24the century. It comes in full form and only needs to be assembled to look like it is floating in outer space.

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10-Movie Stardate Collection

When you are a true fan, you will most likely watch your favorite movies multiple times. So, if you know of a true blooded trekkie, consider giving this collection of Star Trek movies for their birthday. Give them all ten (10) movies in one go in bluray and digital format. The ten movies start from the 1st movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture to the latest Star Trek X: Nemesis. Each movie takes them to the entire journey, feeling the spirit of Starfleet live on in the hearts of fans. Share the movies to family members and friends who might be into Sci-Fi, introducing them to a world they might have only heard about.

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The Next Generation Shuttlecraft Tent

Whether the trekkie fan you know likes camping or not, they will never resist the shuttlecraft camping tent. This would be a great way to invite them outdoors as the tent is good for two. It will catch the attention of other campers who might be tucked in regular tents. The Shuttlecraft tent will look like it landed from outer space into the wild outdoors. Despite its unique design, it is fully functional with breathable space, durable floorings, and mesh fabric to ward off aliens. Best of all, it’s so easy to assemble as all it needs is 4 nails to keep it in place.

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Adventures Gamemaster Screen

This is a screen that every Trekkie fan who plays the RPG game must have. Get a hardcore fan this three panel screen that will surely make them a gamemaster in no time. The outside cover showcases a wonderful artwork of the Starcraft ships and the other side various rules and know-hows on how to complete the mission. The double-sided map gives any player a deep understanding of the rules, charts, and the stellar explanation of each quadrant. It also has a reference table for the weapons, crews, and damages. Regardless if they play the game or not, this might start this new journey.

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Black Handle Phaser

Take the plunge and give your Trekkie fan a Star Trek black handle phaser. It is a complete replica of the original with the details and the sound. Be reminded that it is only a toy, for the safety of everyone. The Star Trek phaser replicates some of the things that the real one does specifically on the lights and sounds. Change the settings to make the entire experience realistic and enjoyable. Get each trekkie, both young and old alike, to play games with the pretend gun to enjoy it to the fullest.

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