Stirling Engine Long Lasting Flywheel Model

Stirling Engine is a type of engine, which’s invented in 1816 by Robert Stirling. After him, it’s named. The people thought this is going to revolutionize the world, and maybe the Industrial Revolution was going to be powered with these things. Instead, it happened with steam engines.

Now some of you might be thinking what’s powering it, though I hear no engine running, I hear no explosions of an internal combustion engine, nor even see any steam or exhaust. So what is powering this engine and causing this flywheel to go round and round?

Well, in fact, there are two steel plates: one at the bottom and one at the top. Between the two there is a thick insulation foam disc, which goes up and down – there are also two cranks on the top of this, one of them in the center is pulling that disc up and down, and the other one is being driven by the piston.

And this engine runs off the difference in temperature between the two plates. So if you cool down the bottom plate – using the energy of that cold, then you get an engine that runs. And even better is a combination of heat and cold, that is, making one plate hot and the other one cold. And it doesn’t matter which one is the hot, and which theater cold. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Stirling engine?

Well one thing you’re not going to being hit in the face by lots of steam, another thing is that they’re very quiet which is rather nice, and they don’t involve a high-pressure boiler that might explode. As a matter of fact, early steam engines did a lot of awful exploding and killing people and scolding others. So it was very appealing to have an engine which didn’t do that.

But steam engines just created a bit more power, particularly when they got big. So if you wanted to power a really massive liner to go across the Atlantic Ocean, for instance, Stirling engines may not be the best way to go for their limited power output. So if you want to put one on anything that moves like a car or even more something that has to fly like an aircraft, then maybe these aren’t the engines for you.

Thanks to advances in modern materials, in 1986 it was shown as possible to fly an aircraft powered by a Stirling engine. What’s mentioning is that the plane weighed two and a quarter pounds that flew for an amazing six minutes. It didn’t do any acrobatics and just managed to stay in the air. And of course, this is something far too small to carry a person.

So don’t expect any fighter planes to be powered by Stirling engines in the near future, but it is possible to power useful stuff with one of these. Particularly if you want something that’s static and running on constantly. After all, there’s no exhaust coming off.

How About This Stirling Engine Model?

When it comes to the model, I would have to say, a marvelous toy and a perfect gift! For one thing, this Stirling engine can run for almost 24+ hours constantly without any broken if it’s been given continuous power supplies. Another good thing is for ice-breaking. It’s interesting to see people’s looks and reacts when they see a cool gadget like this Stirling engine. All of your guests want to know what happened. There can’t be another better way than this for a success ice-breaking.

The best thing here is that it’s so easy to operate the Stirling engine. Put it on the cup which is full of hot water, give the flywheel a gently push, and then it works like charm. If you have troubles in choosing gifts, this might be a good alternative.

In the meantime, it has a wide range of application, such as a great gift for kids’ science project, Physical/mechanical learning, teacher’s Demo props on the class, birthday gift for friends, families, parents, kids, etc. So what would you say about this Stirling Engine?

9.5Expert Score

A marvelous toy and perfect gift! Especially for those who are big fans of functional models.

Easy to assemble

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