20 Stress Relief Gifts for the Mentally Exhausted: Don’t Stress!

When celebrating a friend’s accomplishments or major life events, our initial instinct is to go all out: extravagant parties, endless guest lists, excitement and mayhem into the late hours of the night. However, sometimes the most appreciated gifts are those that give our loved ones a chance to unwind from all of those daily stresses. Next time your friends or family have cause to celebrate, why not show them you care with the serenity and tranquility of the greatest stress relief gifts.

Best Stress Relief Gifts

Kasina Mind Media System

Meditation is a fantastic method to combating stress, but many of us struggle to disengage from our environments entirely. Rather than getting worked up over their inability to calm down, let your loved ones reach for the Mind Machine, one of the most effective meditation aids on the market. Providing 6 different audio/visual mood settings, it takes your frantic friends and family to the calm escape of their dreams. By manipulating both lighting and sound options, this soothing gift effectively allows stressed minds to refocus away from the negative thoughts that follow throughout the day, creating a thoroughly relieving meditative experience for greater than any prior. Even better, the portable relaxation machine can bring peace of mind to your loved ones wherever they go.

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Smart Wireless Neck Massage Device

The neck carries a huge amount of tension and often is the most affected area when stress hits. Don’t stress, though – you don’t need an expensive spa treatment to work out all of those knots and aches! This neck massager may look striking, but the real value lies in those conductive gold strips. Different from the others, it’s combined with modern technology by using small electric volts. To enhance its performance, wet your neck before putting it on. It’s all under your control to change the intensity and turn the heating up and down. For the greatest hands-free massage equipment on the market, this stylish, cutting-edge one is the superior choice to relieve stress and loosen up your muscles, especially after a long day working or studying before desk.

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Marbles Balancing Board Game

Archimedes Game might be a competitive experience for two, but the famous mathematician certainly knew how to make the competition a calming one! Based on the principles of balance, logic, and foreshadowing, this balancing board game forces players to step back and focus on the challenge at hand, effectively distracting from the struggles of life. This engaging gift will entertain loved ones for hours as they consider strategy and the basic laws of nature. When all is said and done, both winner and loser will find themselves feeling calm, collected, and mentally fortified. The game set includes all the pieces needed for an afternoon of relaxation and can be enjoyed by family and friends ages 8 and up.

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The Brain Sensing Headband

A device that monitors your meditation session doesn’t sound all that relaxing but don’t skip the Brain Sensing Headband. This digital headband isn’t here to judge your technique, only to help improve it. Meditation is an incredible tool for managing and relieving stress, so if you have friends or family members that are struggling during their 20 minutes of relaxation, get them the gift that can actually help them master their process. Meditation should calm you, so don’t let your loved ones continue to get worked up over it!

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry

Chronic stress can have drastic effects on the body. The first step to overcoming the risks that stress poses is identifying the issue at hand – in other words, tracking stress levels, as well as behavior patterns that could contribute to it. The Bellabeat is a gift that makes tracking the biological factors associated with stress automatic: when worn, the elegant tracker records steps, calories, sleep patterns, and more. Synced with the corresponding app, the information collected by Bellabeat becomes a digital record of physical and mental health over time, one doctors and loved ones can rely upon when attempting to understand and ultimately relieve stress. Available in a variety of styles, it may look like an ordinary charm, but this beautiful jewelry is guaranteed to change their lives forever.

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SQUEGG Smart Squeeze Ball

Have you ever been so frustrated that you could feel the rage pulse through your veins? Turn that stress into a productive period. Next time your loved one needs a target for their ire, hand them this pocket-sized gift and let them squeeze with all their might. The Strength Tester allows fitness enthusiasts or the perpetually stressed to monitor their strength over time, offering vital insight into body functioning and health. We all need the chance to Hulk out sometimes, the squeeze ball ensures that some good can come out of your stress.

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Hanging Hammock Chair

What’s more relaxing than meditating in a beautiful location? The smooth sway of the Hanging Hammock as you do, of course! The hammock chair is easy to set up and once in place, provides the perfect location to sit back and escape from the world. The warm sun on your skin and the wind in your hair work wonders for the body, and the gentle motion makes it easy to forget the worries in your mind for a while. The built-in bug net is the ultimate final touch on this incredible stress relief gift, ensuring that nothing interrupts your loved one’s private meditation session.

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ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top

Beautiful, smooth, predictable – watching the spin of a top is a hypnotic experience. When you need to take your mind off of the stress of life, focusing on the simple spin of a top is incredible for stress relief. The ForeverSpin Spinning Top is designed with minimal friction and obstruction for the smoothest, most relaxing spin there is. Whether your loved one is preparing for a big presentation or trapped in a dream within a dream, everyone can appreciate the grace and charm of this geeky stress relief gift.

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N.O.W. Tone Therapy System

Even when time is tight, dedicating a few minutes a day to meditation can transform a loved one’s mental health. The Meditation Speaker is just the stress relief gift for friends and family with a busy schedule; though it’s brief 3-minute sound meditation, the tone therapy system allows the mind to take a break from worry and strife. At just the press of a button, the speaker plays its calming tonal therapy. With no stress involved in set up and such short meditation sessions, no loved one has an excuse not to give the speaker a try. Don’t let time keep family and friends from attaining calm and peace – the speaker can do the job!

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OTO Handheld Deep Tissue Fascia Massager

Is there anything so soothing as a deep, thorough massage? But for those of us who remain forever alone, there is rarely an opportunity to receive one without paying obscene costs. Fortunately, the Fascia Massager makes it easy and fun to get the massage of your dreams without the need for a spa. The OTO Massager is the stress relief gift for those friends and loved ones whose muscles ache, but not from a desire to create a new social connection.

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Indoor Relaxation Fountain

The quiet lull of running water is one of the most stress relieving sounds on Earth, and now that relaxing charm can fit right into your loved one’s home. Both an eye-catching centerpiece and calming presence, the Relaxation Fountain can introduce a touch of tranquility to any home or office. With the flip of a switch, the automatic pump starts a gentle trickle of water dripping from basin to basin, producing a deep, serene tone sure to quiet even the noisiest mind. When it’s time to focus on work once more, the fountain is just as simple to turn off – flip the switch, unplug the cord, and the water will cease. Now your stressed-out companions can quickly and easily bring a bit of calm to their lives exactly when they need it most.

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Sapphire ONO Roller

For the tense and the anxious, our brains can seem to endlessly shout, “Oh, no!” It’s time to transform that thought pattern. With this gift, your loved ones will be happy to be shouting “ONO” as they maneuver the portable stress relief toy. Stress can lead to a number of unhealthy behaviors; the ONO Roller offers those experiencing stress a safe outlet for their tension.

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The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

A bored mind rarely bodes well for an anxious individual. Help your close companions combat anxious boredom once and for all with the big activity book, a healthy time-filler that can take away from all of their inventive worries. Write, draw, or reflect: whenever anxiety strikes, this funny book has a distraction that can interrupt that harmful fixating and relieve stress along the way. Ruminating upon your shortcomings and perceived flaws is never beneficial for a loved one’s mental health; with this book, they can simply flip to a random page and find a more positive outlet for their bored, unused energy.

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Craighill Venn Puzzle

When you get stressed and your mind begins to wander, our thoughts can work against us, worsening our current fears and concerns. Like the ONO Roller, the Craighill Venn Puzzle is useful for those looking to keep their minds occupied. Smooth sliding pieces and a satisfying solution, this exquisitely designed puzzle is a problem that is refreshingly in your control with minimal consequences, making it a fantastic stress relief gift for those with an overactive imagination.

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Breo Head Massager

When stress is high, it tends to manifest itself in a number of physical ways. For your stressed-out loved ones then, the best gift is one that can combat these physical aches. The Breo head massager is a state of the art gift designed to do just that. By combining air and heat compression to create a massaging sensation, the helmet massager helps tense facial muscles relax, relieving the stress after a long day of work.

Each massage can be personally customized on the corresponding app, and adjustable goggles and straps guarantee a comfortable fit for anyone needing some time to de-stress. Each 90-minute session with this innovative stress relief solution improves not only a loved one’s mental state but their sleep patterns as well, furthering the effectiveness of the helmet in combating stress and anxiety over time.

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Orbiter Fidget Device

With smooth polished surfaces and engaging movement behaviors, the Orbiter has all the workings of an appealing stress toy. Though a newer toy on the market, the Orbiter is competitive with even the most established stress relief gifts on this list. Even if your loved one has a decent collection of stress toys already, the novelty of this product means that its soothing presence has gone relatively undiscovered (until now). It’s time you complete their collection with the newest de-stressor on the market: the Orbiter!

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Sleep Frequency Machine

Insomnia is no joke. When stress gets extreme, many of us find that sleep can be elusive, only worsening the symptoms of the stress we feel. The SleepBank breaks the cycle, helping our bodies and minds reach a sleep state once more. Using a low magnetic frequency, the SleepBank helps the body relax during rest or meditation. For those friends and family that miss feeling well-rested, the SleepBank gift is a miraculous, chemical-free ticket to a good night’s sleep.

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Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat

Not a fan of needles? Not a problem! The Acupressure Mat Set is the non-invasive stress relief solution that you can store right in your home! Loved ones can carry the mat wherever their travels may take them, ensuring relief from stress, pain and tension whenever and wherever. If popping Aspirin is ineffective or undesirable, the Acupressure Mat Set is the ultimate pain and stress relieving gift for those who are constantly on the go.

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Stress Alleviation Wearable Acupressure

When stress mounts, we tend to feel that stress throughout our body. Since your loved ones can’t always afford to let a headache occupy their afternoon, they need an effective treatment that lets them continue their work. The Aculief Wearable Acupressure, for example, not only lessens headaches but relieves stress and tension without relying on chemicals and medications. Aculief is a great gift for the health-conscious, unrelenting force of nature.

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Poppit Stress Sheets

The Poppit Stress Sheet is a little box containing 14 bubble wrap sheets that you can pop to your heart’s contents! And we promise that once you pop, you won’t be able to stop and you will continue popping those bubbles until all your stress has gone away. While this might seem like an annoying distraction, studies (and common sense) prove that popping bubble wrap sheets does have a positive effect on your stress levels and it can help you feel less annoyed and frustrated. Try the simplest and most instant way to help you restore the calm fast.

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Are you stressed? In this increasingly competitive, cut-throat world it is quite likely that you are confronted with: tightly packed schedules, ever-increasing prices with stagnant salaries… on average, people nowadays are more stressed than ever, and they start to be stressed younger and younger. However, it doesn’t have to be like this: there is always time for a quick fun activity that will help all that stress melt away, whether it be a nice, warm Starbucks frappuccino, a puzzle ball, a Netflix marathon… or just a long-awaited travel. For a friend in a highly stressful job or to anyone that is experiencing burnout and has been working nonstop, time to get them the best stress relief gifts, their mood will sure to improve!

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