Super Pedestrian – Every Moment On and Off the Road Is Comfortable and SafE

Environmental consciousness and efficient transportation solutions rarely go hand in hand. That’s why Super Pedestrian is committed to expanding the market for green, electric-based vehicles. Getting where you need to go has never been a smarter, more eco-friendly experience!

Super Pedestrian - Every Moment On and Off the Road Is Comfortable and Safe

The Super Pedestrian scooter looks sleek and modern, but the true draw of this electric vehicle is the advanced smart technology integrated into its slim frame. On-board maintenance monitoring detects and prevents potential failures before they ever become an issue, as much as 1000 times a second all to ensure a smooth ride for you; 

Meanwhile, built-in Cloud systems provide real-time vehicle data based on the most up-to-date information available. But don’t worry: in the rare case that this incredible tech should start to act up, Super Pedestrian maintenance can be completed in less than a day. Get back on the road with confidence.

Once you do hit the road, the Super Pedestrian is designed to take you all the way to your destination without delay. A single charge of the 84 cell battery should carry you as far as 90-kilometers, permitting days of travel without the need for recharge breaks. Of course, when you inevitably do need a rest stop, integrated electric locks and use monitoring keeps your scooter safe from theft as you recuperate after your busy day. With the Super Pedestrian, every moment on and off the road is comfortable and safe.

Super Pedestrian’s great technological prowess is little surprise given its engineers’ impressive record. Designed by a state of the art robotics company originating from MIT, you can be sure that the technology powering the Super Pedestrian is sound and that the materials are top of the line.

Unlike similar electric scooters on the market, this impressive combination of Smart design and build guarantee the Super Pedestrian a life span of 12-months or more. With a commitment to truly excellent design, the Super Pedestrian electric scooter provides you the most bang for your buck as you embrace your new, earth-friendly lifestyle.