Tap Keyboard - The Keyboard of The Future

Do you have no time to lose in your work, and you need a more efficient way of writing? Do you have a need to be able to write super fast in your phone, however, the keyboard is too small? Do you just want to be the coolest person ever? We have the perfect gadget for you: the Tap keyboard!

This amazing Bluetooth enabled tap keyboard is strapped to your fingers and connected to your phone or computer (or any other electronic device, really) by using the Bluetooth. Simply tap your fingers as if you were playing an air piano to write whatever is needed by moving your fingers! This super cool device is not only made out of soft-touch TPU to allow for as much mobility as you want, but also a 370mA battery backup battery so your keyboard will never die on you in the middle of a tapping war!

If you ever need to connect it to something it works with any certified standard USB, and it is compatible with any app like Tap Genius to learn tapping and the tap alphabet! A perfect gift for any writer, redactor or translator that needs to tap as fast as possible (the average tapping speed while using a keyboard is of about 60 words per minute, but you can double the number of words by using this tapping keyboard !)

7.9Expert Score

Forget everything you know, this is a keyboard of the future.

Easy to learn
Battery life

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  • 1. Portable and compatible
  • 2. 8 Hours of battery life
  • 3. Easy to a quick start
  • 4. Multifunctional
  • 1. Less budget friendly
  • 2. Takes practice
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