Tap Wearable Keyboard - The Keyboard of The Future

In a world where VR doesn’t suck and AR is useful enough to actually spend money on it. one keyboard rules them off. It doesn’t have chords it doesn’t have keys. It doesn’t even have a board.

So forget everything you know, because today Geartry gives you the keyboard of the future – Tap Wearable Keyboard.

As long as you put it on – the Tap wearable keyboard will definitely make you look and feel totally like sci-fi. But it’s actually very simple to use.

  1. Take the strap out of its charging case
  2. Slide it over your five fingers
  3. Press its one and only button to both turns it on and activate pairing mode

Now you’re free to go.

Advanced Technology

Your computer or your phone or whatever will simply see tap as an input device. But while you might think that it works by moving your hand in space across a virtual QWERTY. Tap is not that type of keyboard rather than distinguishing characters based on your fingers locations. It works by assigning each letter or number its own unique gesture.

Each of the rings has its own three-axis accelerometer which communicates with the thumb unit via a thin wire hidden within the straps fitting cable.

Tap registers keystrokes by measuring the deceleration of your fingers as they come in contact with the surface, which means

  1. you do have to type on something and not in the air.
  2. while you can use soft surfaces like the couch or a friend’s leg. Hard and flat surfaces work best, especially while you’re learning.

What’s cool is you never have to look at your hand while you’re typing!

And later is something that even the most experienced touch typists have to do – Practice from time to time.

Practice Makes Perfect

You have to learn more than a handful of these tap gestures. The most common letters vowels use the simplest gestures of single tabs. While the most common consonants use two finger pairs. And the complexity increases as you go through the alphabet with some of the more obscure letters which remind you just how embarrassingly limited your motor skills really are.

Fortunately, the people good at tapping will definitely have a good sense to finish some easy shortcuts. And this thing has a learning curve all its own.

What’s more, you’re not limited to letters there are gestures for most common functions, including backspace, and enter, and you can even toggle a numpad.

However, all of our experiences have told us sometimes no matter how great it is, you shall always consider the effort involved in learning to use the latest cool gadgets.

Is Tap Wearable Keyboard Worth Your Hard Work?

Well, let’s figure it out together.

so how does tap compare? actually, it’s less horrible than you’d think.

The Tap team worked with neuroscientists at Stanford to design a training app that gradually introduces and then drills the gestures into your muscle memory.

they even incorporated catchy little jingles to help you remember certain letter groups.

and the thing really works.

You are able to learn the alphabet and start slowly typing in about two hours. Most people apparently can reach 30 to 40 words per minute in about five.

The good news here is that once you learn the gestures with one hand, you actually don’t need to relearn them for the other hand. Everything you’ll have to know is in the helpful but not actually necessary companion app – tap manager.

A Mouse, or A Keyboard?

What’s more, Tap wearable keyboard also has a built-in Mouse that allows you switching on by just laying your thumb down and then moving your hand around. That would make tap the most ergonomic Mouse on the planet~

And all the other movements that Tap can do, such as scrolling up and down a page, dragging and highlighting and so on.

The best part is that there’s very little latency in switching from keyboard to mouse which is critical because you need to lift your hand off the surface once you run out of mouse pad.

Tap wearable keyboard can be reliably turned off and on as you switch tasks throughout the day. So if you’re cleaning up you don’t have to worry about it, For example, registering a bunch of keystrokes as you touch something. Then, when you’re ready to type again the strap, it’s actually pretty good at registering the strokes that you intend to type as long as you do a good job of typing them.

Another good point is that Tap’s light enough to be worn comfortably for its entire eight-hour battery life. And it’s discreet enough to let you still use your hand to use a mouse open doors.

Editor’s Suggestions

But is it just because tap is so pretty good for what it is that I’m recommending you rush out and buy it?

Not Really.

For one thing, considering there is still a long way to go for the future of AR and VR at least for now, and for another, it costs you nearly a hundred and eighty dollars.

However, in a few years when we could see a device like this in or on a lot more people’s hands, and Tap has managed to push the price down to maybe forty to fifty bucks. I would definitely say, “all right, time to give it a try!”

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  • 1. Portable and compatible
  • 2. 8 Hours of battery life
  • 3. Easy to a quick start
  • 4. Multifunctional
  • 1. Less budget friendly
  • 2. Takes practice
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