24 Truly Terrific Tech Gifts for Men That Don’t Suck

When you are shopping for the best tech gifts for men, there is a fair amount of pressure to purchase the latest and greatest releases. Unfortunately, keeping up with the latest tech gadgets is no small feat. It seems that there are new innovations hitting the market every day, and oftentimes the true gems can get lost among the shuffle.

Do you often find yourself stuck for choice while looking for the best tech gifts for tech-head in your life? Is the man a geek who needs to have the latest tech gadgets, or is he just looking for ways to make his life easier and cooler? Whether you’re searching for a birthday present, an anniversary present, or just want to put a smile on their face, if you are in dire need of assistance discovering truly creative tech gifts for men—we got you covered. 

Best Tech Gifts for Men

Space-Saving Outlet Shelf

For a majority of men, one of the most annoying things is when your device runs out of power midday, but the only charger on hand is too short to reach a safe spot for your device… That’s an absolute nightmare that digital devotees know all too well. There are several advantages to installing outlet shelves in a man’s home or office – moving devices off of the floor makes them far more accessible, keeps them away from the underside of a passerby’s shoe and neatens up the entire space. Tired of tripping over chords every time his phone needs to charge? An outlet shelf is the perfect tech gift for men who could stand to tidy up.

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Smart AI Tech Reusable Notebook

The classic feel of taking a pen to paper is familiar and safe. The problem is that constantly purchasing new notebooks when old ones get filled or lost is hardly the most environmentally or economically conscious choice. For those men who are interested in exploring new technology (and saving a few trees along the way), the reusable notebook is a brilliantly modern approach to note-taking. Scribble your thoughts, mark them up with highlighter or marker, then quickly and seamlessly upload them to the Cloud. Afterward, erase the page and start again! Techies will love the familiarity and ease of the notebook, and you will love the endless thanks you’ll hear for this epic cool gift.

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3 LED Magnetic Pickup Tool

Is your man a bit of a klutz? Do you often stumble upon him reaching behind sofas, beds, desks, and chairs for that thing that just slipped out of his fingers? Are you both tired of rearranging the furniture to recover lost coins, pens, screws, and goodness knows what else? That’s where the LED Pickup Tool comes in handy.

The multifunctional tool is essentially a long, thin flashlight with a magnetic head, making it the ideal tech gift for men to recover those odds and ends that tend to roll away. Consider gifting a cool tech gadget for men who are constantly fiddling with – and losing – tiny screws and batteries? Then you can’t be wrong with this useful tool.

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Red Cross Emergency Radio

When dangerous weather hits, it’s important to stay tuned for any emergency updates on your computer, TV or radio, but what happens when your shelter loses electricity? This emergency radio is built for such an event. Powered by a solar panel or a hand turbine, you are always able to tune into your local radio station regardless of the weather outside. Additionally, the built-in clock, alarm and USB port can make all the difference in the case of a dire situation. Tech guys have a tool for every situation. But is your man prepared for when the power cuts off?

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Digital Tape Measure

When it comes to taking measurements in a construction or design project, even a tenth of an inch can have a huge impact on the final result. For men with a passion (or necessity) for building, a Digital Tape Measure can ensure a simple, smooth construction process. Don’t let him struggle with shoddy measurements and incorrect cuts any longer; take his toolbox to the next level with the tech gift of perfectly precise measurements.

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Raspberry Pi 4

Modern technology is defined by its speed and performance. Men with a love for tech are constantly searching for optimized user experiences via enhanced processing and connectivity. Raspberry Pi 4 builds upon its predecessors by providing users with top of the line desktop functioning that prioritizes these values of high speed and improved performance. If you know a man who enjoyed working with the Raspberry Pi 3 models, then the Raspberry Pi 4 is a can’t miss tech gift.

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Batmobile Cellphone Cases

What guy didn’t want to drive the Batmobile when they were a kid? Now that your boy has grown up, its time to let him take this noctilionine auto for a spin! With its functioning headlights that each cast a true bat signal, the Batmobile phone case is perhaps the most awesome one currently available on Amazon – or anywhere, for that matter. For any situation, big or small, your techie man can call upon their trusty Batmobile with this cool gift!

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Lenovo Star Wars AR Tech Device

With the recent end of the most recent Star Wars trilogy, that far away galaxy feels even further than ever to fans old and young. Luckily, men can still experience the thrill of discovering the world of Star Wars through the digital augmented reality of Lenovo’s “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.” Through the AR experience, they will get to at last wield a lightsaber of their own as they partake in a new journey. No longer is the Star Wars universe isolated to the TV screen; Gifting men with this cool tech gadget and help them explore the galaxy through their two eyes.

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Mens LED Flashlights Gloves

The experience of being criticized for holding the flashlight poorly as your dad works on the car engine has become a sitcom staple as well as a bit of a meme, but there is some truth to the comic bit. When you need to get down and dirty working on an engine or beneath a car, your hands can quickly become occupied, forcing you to rely on the help of a restless child or friend to provide light for you. If there is a man in your life that is quickly growing tired of explaining how to work a flashlight, this next tech gift is here to save the day! With flashlights integrated into these handy LED Flashlight Gloves, the mechanic in your life can provide his own light without the need to hold an external tool – or worse, rely on someone else to hold one for him.

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Hands Free LED Flashlight

Flashlight gloves are useful for their convenient mobility, but sometimes an engineer needs a stable light source while you work. When he still needs some light but flashlight gloves aren’t cutting it, your loved one can then make use of the hands-free LED flashlight. This cool tech gift can stand on its own and be aimed in any direction, making it the ideal middle ground between flashlight gloves and having a child hold a flashlight for you.

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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Sunglasses and headphones rarely go hand in hand – until now, that is. Bose’s Audio Sunglasses provide 99% eye protection from the sun’s bright rays while simultaneously playing your tunes through its Bluetooth speaker. Your man can keep looking stylish and cool as he enjoys the sunshine with the classic square frames of the sunglasses, and keep rocking out with rich tones of the speakers that remain only audible to him. Who says you can’t have it all? With this awesome tech gift for men, anything is possible.

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Wireless Helmet Audio

As much as your man loves his music until now he’s been unable to enjoy it once a helmet covers his head. Finally, helmet walkie-talkies have appeared to remedy this dilemma. Designed to comfortably fit inside your helmet, these high-durability speakers can play music, take calls and more via Bluetooth and its built-in microphone. With the ultimate tech gift, never ever again will he have to choose between his music and his favorite outdoor activities.

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World's First Light Therapy Glasses

For those techie men who find themselves suffering from the winter blues, these light therapy glasses set makes for an ideal gift. Scientifically proven to help those who deal with conditions such as seasonal affective disorder, this cool tech gadget is a great way to help brighten up their day. Unlike some alternatives, these glasses set is fully portable meaning men can go about their daily business without any disruptions, and this tech gift also perfect for giving the wearer a little more energy throughout the day.

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Bluetooth Speaker Table

When it comes to buying tech gifts for men, consider giving him the present of music with this handy Bluetooth speaker table. After all, who doesn’t like to start their day while listening to their favorite tunes? This table is capable of producing a 360-degree stereo effect with crystal clear quality, and if that wasn’t impressive enough it also comes with a built-in wireless charger, meaning they can easily charge their smartphone and other devices without any hassle.

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Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

This wireless keyboard makes for a perfect tech gift for all those geeky men out there, and they’re sure to get plenty of use from it. This mini Bluetooth keyboard is perfect when lounging around or watching TV, and it can easily connect to a range of devices including laptops, iPods, Smart TVs and even consoles. It also comes with a backlit keyboard, perfect for watching films or gaming in the dark. Plus, with over ten days of battery life, they’ll be able to keep watching their favorite shows without being interrupted.

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Language Translator Earbuds

While everyone loves to travel and visit different cultures, overcoming the language barrier can often be a challenge. So, if you know someone who loves to explore consider gifting him this handy two-way translator. The WT2 translator is capable of converting over forty languages, from French and German to Cantonese. With over 95% accuracy, this nifty gadget is one of the best tech gifts for men who struggle with foreign languages and it can even be paired to a smartphone.

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Electric Scarf

If you’re looking for some wearable tech gifts for men in your life, then consider these nifty electric scarves. The scarf simply fastens around the neck and is perfect for those who love the outdoors, especially during those cold winter months. The lightweight design also means that it can be taken anywhere, whether they’re skiing, jogging, or just enjoying their favorite book outside. This tech gadget even comes with a cooling mode for those warm summer days, meaning it can be used practically all year round.

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Pocket AI Translator

For those techie friends who like to travel often, this pocket AI translator makes for yet another ideal present. This nifty little tech gift is capable of translating in over 105 known languages and boasts the highest accuracy on the market. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket too, perfect for trips abroad. As a bonus, the translator also doubles as a portable mobile hotspot. This means that they can connect to the internet through their other devices and easily look up information such as nearby hotels and local attractions.

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WiFi Router

Let’s admit, men can’t live without WiFi. This WiFi router makes for an excellent tech present for men in your life. With over 3,000 square feet of coverage, they’ll never have to worry about losing a signal again, perfect for playing video games or streaming movies around the house. The router also features 24/7 security and scans connected devices meaning they can rest assured that their home will be kept secure. For those men with young children, this cool gift even comes with parental controls to keep them protected.

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Waterproof Phone Case

This waterproof phone case is a perfect gift for all those tech-savvy men out there. Not only will it help to protect their phone from any damage, but it’s also great for underwater photography and action shots. With a tolerance of up to 10m depths, this case is ideal whether they’re an experienced diver, or simply enjoying themselves at the beach. It’s compatible with the iPhone 11 pro and Xs models and it’s easy to set up, giving them easy access to their mobile device wherever they are.

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Samsung Space QHD Monitor

For all men who like to kick back and relax with their favorite movie, this Samsung monitor makes for a great present. With an integrated stand this monitor easily attaches to their desk and helps to save space. The 27-inch display makes it perfect for the game lovers too and there’s even an option to upgrade to a 31.5-inch screen if they want to go the full mile. As a bonus, the stand can also be raised or lowered to eye-level for comfort, and it even comes with Picture-by-Picture technology allowing them to easily multitask.

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Universal Travel Power Strip

Most of us know the frustration of visiting a foreign country and not having the correct plug or power adapter, right? So consider gifting this universal powerstrip for those gentlemen that like to travel. This cool tech gift provides up to four universal sockets for plugs from the UK, EU, Australia, and the US. It’s even small enough to fit in a pocket, perfect when on vacation. Unlike traditional power strips, the round design also means that the plugs sit comfortably without interfering with one another.

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Real Time Electricity Usage Tracker

For those frugal gentlemen out there, this energy monitor makes for a perfect present. By tracking their energy usage, this monitor can help them to save money by providing them insight about each gadget. It can even be used from anywhere in the home using the mobile app, meaning they can easily check their devices wherever they are. It’s perfect tech gift for men who often find themselves leaving lights or appliances on by mistake, and there’s even an upgrade that checks their solar panel usage.

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Wearable Smart Shock Clock

Let’s be honest, some men aren’t great at waking up in the mornings. For those friends who struggle to get out of bed, consider gifting them this handy wake up trainer. This wearable tech gadget aids heavy sleepers by gently vibrating and beeping. If that doesn’t do the trick, it can even administer a harmless shock to wake them—quite literally giving them a jolt to start their day. It can also easily connect to their android or apple devices, allowing them to set the alarm or even change the alarm strength.

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Make your loved one’s celebration a perfectly memorable event. From Bluetooth speakers and electric scarves to pocket translators, these nifty tech gifts are guaranteed to offer a big surprise to men who have everything.