23 Best Tech Gifts to Upgrade Your Tech-Lover’s Life

In an age when technology develops faster than ever, keeping up with the latest innovations is near impossible for even the most dedicated collector. On the bright side, this means that shopping for gifts for your resident tech enthusiast should never be a struggle – after all, there’s always a cool, new gadget hitting the shelves. So, when it comes to buying the best gift for the techie who has everything, what do you buy? Tech gifts such as those we’ve compiled below are equal parts practical and fun, making them ideal for any loved one with a heart for the technologically inspired.

Best Tech Gifts

SafeSleeve Anti Radiation RFID Phone Case

Tech development is all about discovering the next big thing but rarely is progress as healthy and green as the SafeSleeve phone case. This vegan leather case, complete with a built-in wallet with space for cash and cards, is more than a fashionable cover for your techie’s phone: thanks to it’s FCC accredited radiation protection, SafeSleeve keeps your loved ones safe from the dangers of their phone’s EMF Radiation and from the threat of RFID thieves. Whether your technology friend is more concerned with the threat of radio radiation, digital hacking, or just the style and practicality of the case they carry about each day, the SafeSleeve offers the solution. Available in four gorgeous color options – black, grey, brown, and red – you can guarantee your geeky friend enjoys rocking this modern case. So, order now and get them a cool tech gift that you can feel good about giving.

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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

What good is a new tech gift if it doesn’t improve the recipient’s life? iRobot is the digital assistant that your number one kind hearted techie deserves. With a mere button click on the corresponding app or a voice command to Alexa or Google, iRobot gets to work using its intelligent sensors and contoured sweeping brush to tidy up dust, dirt, and the debris of day to day modern living. iRobot is smart enough to navigate furniture and obstacles, to follow a pre-assigned schedule, and even knows to focus on high-traffic areas of the home, ensuring that its work is always as regular and efficient as possible. Regardless of your techies house layout and design, iRobot is built to deliver an impressive clean that costs your loved ones zero time and effort.

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PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case

As much as a tech geek depends on their phone, even the smartest technology of the day is prone to damage from nature’s harsh elements. When your companion is out in the world, soaking up the riches of nature, they shouldn’t need to worry about how their phone is holding up. PHOOZY is just the cool gift to help a tech fan live in the moment, no matter what obstacles that moment might hold; Water-proof, shock-proof, and thermally resistant, this phone case protects their smartphone from it all. Despite it’s slim, lightweight build, PHOOZY extends cell phone battery life in extreme climates, protects the delicate electronics from permanent heat damage, and can alleviate the damage from moderate falls. No longer must your tech enthusiast live in fear of experiencing the world – with the PHOOZY case, nothing is going to harm their phone again.

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EyeQue VisionCheck

We’ve all heard about the damage screens can do to our eyes, but does your tech lovers know how their favorite device can actually benefit their vision? EyeQue is a vital, money-saving gift for any techie not gifted in the optical department: just attach the EyeQue to a Smartphone, and your loved one is ready to perform their own eye exam! Regular optometrist appointments can get costly, and monitoring ongoing eye changes requires careful attention that is easy to overlook. EyeQue makes it simple for your four-eyed friends to test their eyes whenever they want, all without the hassle of scheduling a doctor’s appointment and driving to the local office. By regularly testing their eyes and tracking their results, a tech enthusiast is able to detect minute developments in their vision before they progress into serious concerns. Help your friends and family take control of their vision before it’s too late!

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Kwilt2 Personal Cloud Storage Device

For a true tech addict, the limits of a computer’s memory can be a serious issue. KWILT is one of the best tech gift for those loved ones currently feeling the pressure of the storage capacity. By combining the best features of the Cloud and personal hard drives, this incredible tech gadget is able to offer your companion 16 GB to 16 TB of storage, convenient access, and total privacy all at the same time. Simply save photos, videos, and files to the KWILT, and all will become available through the convenient corresponding app. Now, your technology buff can save all of their valuable memories without fear of running out of space or of being invaded by uninvited hackers. And whoever said that you couldn’t have the best of both worlds?

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Beddr Digital Sleep Clinic

Though vital to our mental and physical health, many individuals struggle to fall and stay asleep. Although screens can be a cause of the struggle, the right technology can also improve your techie’s sleep. Beddr is the Digital Sleep Clinic that no insomniac should go without; with the help of a tiny SleepTuner and online professional sleep coaching, your friends and family can determine the root of their sleep struggles and discover the secrets to overcoming their restless nights. Through a combination of personal assessments, consultations with medical professionals, and ongoing one-on-one coaching, a good night’s sleep is within every tired techie’s grasp. No awesome tech gift will so profoundly improve your loved one’s life as the Beddr Sleep Clinic, so don’t delay helping them find the best sleep with this truly cool thing today.

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Swidget Adaptable Smart Outlet

The passionate tech lover is bound to have all of the latest, greatest modern devices of our current age. As exciting as a gadget such as a Smart Home Platform might be, installing these modern devices in a traditional home with traditional outlets can be a pain. Some platforms call for one type of control; other platforms require something entirely different; and your techies old, dated home can’t support any of it! Swidget allows your passionate techie to make their life a whole lot easier and smarter in their house using the pre-existing wiring. Once installed in the place of a standard outlet, Swidget’s interchangeable insert lets its user select the control system their chosen smart home requires. Need a Wi-Fi Control? Swidget has an insert for that. Prefer the Z-Wave Control? Swidget has an insert for that, too. Now, your tech fan can transform any house into the Smart Home of their dreams, all due to the versatile prowess of the powerful Swidget!

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Tenda Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

WiFi is essential for modern living, and perhaps no coverage is as thorough or well-supported as the innovative Tenda WiFi. Providing high-speed WiFi to nearly 100 devices and up to 6000 square feet, this cool device is able to keep up with even the largest families and homes. This premiere WiFi service is easy to install, compatible with most major ISPs, and comes with lifetime tech support to ensure that every tech-head from every walk of life can get the most out of their WiFi. Tenda offers a gift for the family-oriented techie searching for the best of everything – at a price that can make the whole family smile.

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Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have become hugely popular in the past few years, and for good reason: cord-free design eliminates knots and frees the hands as you enjoy your tunes. And the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds are some of the best wireless headphones currently available, making them the ideal gift for a tech-lover eager to keep up with the times. Noise-canceling design and 24 bit signal processing ensure that these incredible earbuds provide the listener with a truly outstanding audio experience, while Alexa compatibility keeps the tech easy to use. If your tech-obsessed man is on the hunt for a quality audio device, they can do no better than the Sony WF-1000XM3.

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Satechi Multi-Media Remote Control

For the professional looking to make a strong first impression, the latest tech gifts can be a powerful ally. The remote controller, for instance, offers your friends and colleagues the tools they need to knock that next major presentation out of the park. Able to connect to Bluetooth devices from up to 33 feet away without the need for wires or fuss, the multi-media controller allows you to control more than the media you’re presenting on: it empowers you to control the impression you make on your superiors. This sleek, elegant gift works with most modern Apple, Microsoft, and other Bluetooth devices for up to 45 continuous hours on a single charge – more than enough to withstand the upcoming business meeting.

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Henge Vertical MacBook Dock

Keeping track of accumulating devices can lead to a serious issue with clutter for major tech collectors. Henge Docks keep your techie’s desk in order. By seamlessly supporting your Macbook and syncing devices, Henge Docks eliminate messy wires from an already overwhelmed office space. The result? A clean, organized office where professionals can truly focus on the task at hand. Docking devices in the Henge Docks is incredibly fast and easy thanks to the gift’s precision alignment, ensuring that the dock is as functional as it is practical. So, before your loved one’s home office begins to resemble the storage area at Office Depot, get them the gift that streamlines their entire desk layout.

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WD Black 5TB P10 External Hard Drive

For a gamer, even the most modern computers can lack the storage necessary to save all your favorite games. The WD Hard Drive is a gift for the gamer who wants to have it all – the greatest graphics, the latest systems, and all the games their heart could desire. Rather than impeding system performance by saving countless bytes of data directly to the console or computer, WD provides gamers with another space to store their saves.

This spacious hard drive is capable of storing up to 125 games and is durable enough to hit the road, allowing a serious player to take their entire library wherever life may take them. The WD game drive is a high-quality, reliable gift for high-quality, reliable friends and family with a passion for immersing themselves in the latest tech experiences.

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Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand

Today, almost every tech enthusiast takes their phone with them wherever they go. As a result, keeping that device charged is an eternal struggle of the modern-day. One promising, space-efficient solution for charging a modern iPhone comes in the form of the Logitech charging stand, an optimized modern charger that frees desk space while perfectly supporting your device. Able to secure a phone in portrait or landscape mode, the Logitech charger is versatile to accommodate the needs of each individual tech-head, no matter what role their phone holds in their everyday life.

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Flow Air Quality Wearable

While much modern technology is oriented around entertaining, some of the greatest tech gifts are those that improve a loved one’s state of living. This air quality sensor, for instance, is an ideal tool for recording pollutants in the air you breathe, offering insight into the health of your loved one’s environment. By detailing daily exposure patterns, it ensures that those you care for are never exposed to harmful levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, or Particulate Matter, all of which can play a role in reducing one’s quality of life. For the health of those you love, this air pollution monitor is a tech gift that you really can’t afford to overlook.

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Satechi Magnetic Charging Dock

Know someone who loves their Apple Watch? Then you know a loved one who is about to love their new Satechi Charging Dock! This magnetic charging dock, compatible with all Apple Watch models, is able to efficiently charge a device from any USB port. Take it to the office, in the car, or wherever the road might take you – the Satechi Charger is compact enough to take with you when you go. It ensures safe, reliable charging no matter where you go, granting you the freedom to take your watch wherever to need to, whenever you need to.

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Leap Motion Controller

Imagine being able to control the computer or laptop with nothing but your hands! Any tech lover would find this one of the most enjoyable things in the world. And this is made possible with the Leap motion controller. The device is extremely simple to set up and uses the motion of the hands in mid-air to control any Mac or PC. What’s most interesting about this impressive piece of kit is that the accuracy is so close to reality that not a single movement will be misinterpreted. On top of this, the gesture motion controller comes with its very own app store which gives you plenty of things to try with your new toy!

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Evapolar Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

For any tech lover who spends a lot of time indoors playing with their gadgets, things can get pretty heated and this is especially true for those that live in warmer climates. But there is a solution! This handy and compact air conditioner fan is ideal for use in the home or in the office and will provide a cooling environment for getting techy! This incredible 3 in 1 device not only cools but also cleans and purifies the air ensuring that it is perfect for those who might suffer from allergies. If that wasn’t enough it also has the ability to dehumidify the air. Coming in an attractive futuristic design, any tech lover would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

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Color Forecast Station

Who has the time to sit around the house waiting for the weather forecast to come on TV? Not many people! For this reason, the tech lover will be amazed by this fully digital and completely accurate color forecast display. This unique device features a wealth of information such as both the indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as the upcoming weather forecast. If that isn’t enough to please, the display features many other pieces of data such as time and date, and a quirky illustration of the weather. In full color, this device will look the part in the home or office of anyone who loves all things innovative.

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Kingston 7-in-1 Type-C Adapter Hub

If you have a tech-loving friend or family member then you will likely know how many wires and different kinds of connectors they have. This can get pretty messy when they need to plug things into their computer, with a whole wealth of different adapters. That is where this 7 in 1 adapter hub comes in extremely handy.

Not only does the hub have the ability to connect a variety of USBs but it also gives the user the opportunity to insert an SD or microSD so that they can edit images, video, and more on the go! There is no limit to how many of the ports can be used at once, making the technological experience simple and easy. Need to charge your iPhone? No problem! If all of the features we have already talked about weren’t enough, the device also allows for a quick power boost.

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Native Union High Speed Charger

Wireless charging looks set to change the way we power our smart devices but quite often these chargers are bland and lifeless looking. This is certainly not the case with the Native Union Drop wireless charger. This beautiful looking device comes in a choice of designs and patterns, making charging not only super-efficient but also super beautiful. The device works with the newer iPhone models from the X upwards as well as a variety of other devices such as Samsung and provides a quick yet effective power boost for the busy tech lover. Made from beautiful hand made Italian leather, this charger is something of a talking point!

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Vibram Portable Performance Sole

For anyone who loves exploring, the importance of safety is a must. When walking across the ice, it is important to have a solid grip and a stable stance and that is where this handy ice sole can really come into its own. Made from durable materials that are sure to stand the test of time, the Vibram ice sole can be used on wet ice providing a solid and sturdy grip. Not only this but compared to previous models, the design and technology of this model are seriously improved. Easy to store and carry, the ice sole is not only effective but also super easy to take anywhere.

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Rabbit Charger Duo Dual Swappable Charger

Any tech lover will tell you that having juice is one of the most important things in their lives. But many chargers are, quite simply a pain in the backside to use with lengthy wires and not enough space to charge everything at once. But this problem can be easily solved through the use of this rabbit charger.

No, we aren’t talking about a cute, furry friend – this rabbit features a handy retractable cable with two charging ports, enabling the tech lover to boost their power without any hassle. Plug in a variety of devices and what’s even better is that the device easily installs into any standard duplex power outlet. This will ensure that it won’t get lost and is always available for a charge.

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Native Union Night Cable

No matter what the personal tastes of the tech lover in your life, this night charger comes in an excellent variety of colors, ensuring that they will love this tech gift. The charger features a weighted knot at the end of the cable which will keep it anchoring to the flat surface on which it has been left. What’s more, the charging cable is an impressive 10 ft in length meaning that the device can still be used from across the room – ideal for use whilst browsing the internet in bed. On top of that, the cable is extremely durable and is made from reinforced fibers to ensure that it will last the tech lover through many night time charges!

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In this modern-day and age, we are continually confronted with new technology and for many of us, this can be overwhelming. That being said, for some people, this technology is a passion and we all know someone who is always that first to get their hands on the latest gadget! Now with these best tech gifts on the market right now, you will be able to give a surprise to that tech-loving friend.

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