Throw Blankets Realistic Soft Flannel Pizza Blanket for Adult and Kids

When you love pizza, you are crazy about pizza. Just having pizza every once in a while doesn’t suffice. You want pizza once a day. Pizza for every meal. It’d all be OK if you could only eat pizza. You want the blood in your veins to be replaced with pizza. OK, maybe I’m going a bit too far there, but it is undeniable that people that really like pizza tend to get weirdly obsessed, so we have the perfect throw blankets to add another layer of pizza-ness to their lives: this cool pizza blanket.

Coming in a variety of sizes and designs (you can get a tortilla blanket that will allow for turning yourself into a burrito !), this really cool pizza blanket comes with a high-quality pizza print that will make you want to eat it up. Made out of high-quality flannel, this blanket won’t fade, won’t lint, is really soft and lightweight, and it works perfectly as a throw blanket to wrap yourself in and stay warm. The trim is also very well sewn, so don’t worry about this fun pizza blanket fraying, it really won’t.

If you are tired of the ordinary throw blankets, this one could be a great option. Perfect gift for those that are really, really, really obsessed with pizza and wouldn’t mind if everything in their life was consumed by it (or maybe not. This pizza blanket is so realistic that they might start to think it is pizza. I am not sure we should feed into their delusions. They might try to eat it. They might start to think they are pizza themselves, who knows.)

9.3Expert Score

Spread it for a realistic look and wear it for the most comfort, make a statement to show how you love pizza.

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