Time Capsule for Your Future Self

If you know anything at all about American culture, you probably have heard about their love of the time capsule: you bury a small container full of objects that you love so you can unearth it years later for a blast of the past and many memories of how you used to be then come flooding back. Oh, did I mention it’s also a lot of fun?

If you want to live this experience yourself or help your kids live such a nostalgic experience, we have something that’s perfect for you: the corrosion-proof and stainless steel time capsule.

Made out of very durable material, this time capsule is waterproof and anti-corrosion to deal with the passage of time without any damage to your precious loved objects for over 200 hundred years (in the case you want to make a time capsule not for yourself, but for your future great-grandchildren).

Coming in different sizes and bearing all the objects needed to assembly and bury it, this amazing time capsule will provide a fast, hassle-free, no-nonsense experience so you can concentrate on the sentimentality of filling it up. 

Things that we think will remember forever are somewhat be forgotten as the different winds of changes come and go in our life. Thus if you are a fan of experiencing the sudden wave of nostalgia every once in a while, this one is for you.

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Writing a letter to yourself to be open in the future.


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