Tin Can Robot DIY Science Construction STEM Toy

Do you have a kid that is really interested in ecology, saving the environment and overall recycling, reusing and reutilizing everything they can find to make the world a better place? Are you yourself a fan of ecology and saving the planet? A fan of science, programming, robotics and artificial intelligence? Do you simply really love quirky, fun useless stuff that never fails to get a laugh out of you? Then we have something that is about to turn your entire world upside down: the 4M tin can robot!

This tiny tin can robot is perfect for teaching the purpose of recycling by repurposing an old, used can into a fun, original and completely functional robot! No special tools or knowledge required as this robot comes with all the materials and instructions needed to create one. The tin can robot requires one AA battery, and you can go as free as you want with it: create a fun little friend with googly eyes, create a crazy insane monster with edgy sunglasses and a goatee… with this original, fun robot kit the world is your oyster!

As it contains small parts, this tin can robot is recommended for kids age 8 and up, as it could pose a choking hazard to younger kids. All in all, it is a perfect gift for a kid that is crazy about science and the environment, or for just about anyone that is into cute, quirky, fun, kitsch little gadgets! No matter who you offer it to, it is guaranteed it’ll make them laugh!

7.3Expert Score

Turn a pop can into a googly-eyed robot by yourself.

Easy to assemble
Instruction quality
Remote Control

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