Toilet Paper Gun Transforms Toilet Paper Into Spitballs

Ever felt the need to blast someone with toilet paper? No matter if you are an actual kid or a kid-at-heart, you might have felt like someone deserved a “spitball” (that’s what kids call a toilet paper ball that’s made more resistant by adding a lot of spit on it). Well, fret no more! With the toilet paper gun, you will be able to fire as many spitballs as you want!

This toilet paper gun allows you to create many toilet paper balls without spit: it uses water instead, and it uses any kind of toilet paper (2 ply works best) to allow you to quickly wipe out the competition (heh !). This easy to clean rapid-fire toilet paper gun creates spitballs that are completely biodegradable and don’t stain, so you don’t have to worry about your recently painted walls.

On top of that, it can fire up to 30 meters and up to 350 spitballs per roll, so you don’t have to worry about your budget either! Sturdy and durable, this gun is made out of high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about rough play either.

Turn your kids’ next birthday party into a totally hilarious laughter fest, solve your next lovers’ quarrel or decide who amongst your friends is the domineering, supreme reigning friend by using this gun and add hours and hours of fun, laughter and general merrymaking simply with some water and toilet paper!

8.8Expert Score

One roll of toilet paper creates 350 spitballs and endless fun.

User friendly
Great fun
Genuine design

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