Touch Projector - Turns Any Surface Into An 80-inch Touchscreen Tablet

Floating around Amazon, I saw this thing, and it caught my attention. It’s a smart touch projector called the Touchjet Pond. Try to formulate what you think that means.

Essentially, the projected screen is touchable with this touch projector pen. So as you might expect playing Fruit Ninja with it…The touch projector is bizarre and cool. It’s got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI, so there’s a number of different ways to interface with it.

Open the package up, it all fits into a carrying case. In the meantime, this smart touch projector is smaller than you could expect it to be. The projector comes with some controls on the side here, a tripod mount on the bottom, and a little camera in the front, which is how it maps your input with the pen. USB input, HDMI, Audio out, and DC in.

Also, there’s a mini HDMI to full-size HDMI adapter, which allows you to put a full-sized HDMI source in a laptop, a game console or something like that. Besides, there are some batteries and pens coming with the package. As for the pens, they are substantial, and hefty which looks like a cigar. You can screw out the top and batteries go in there.

And then there’s also one more cable, Micro USB to Female USB, which looks like a USB Thumb Drive. If you have some files or video files, then you can access over that port. Dim a few lights, get the smart touch projector rigged up and shoot it down onto the table or something. And now you do have a piece of ‘Bristol’ board here.

Of course, this isn’t as big as it could possibly get either. So if you wanted to do like a movie night, take it into the backyard, broadcast it on the back of your house. The other thing is that it has good precision with drawing! That’s cool, right? It’s really like drawing right on your table, but digitally.

The crazy part here is that the pen can totally become your input. It’s really like having a giant Android tablet, or phone essentially. You can scroll through as you do on your phone. Furthermore, the projector allows you to key something in, you can type anything you like, which is exactly like using the app on your phone.

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