Ostrich Travel Pillow for Head Support Power Nap on Flight and Desk

Have you ever wanted to sleep comfortably on a plane, but had an insane amount of trouble due to the logistics of trying to sleep in such a tight, cramped space? Have you ever wanted to look like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars and scream “It’s a trap !” in the mirror? We have found a way to reconcile both wants with a single product – the Ostrich travel pillow.

Coming in 2 colours to travel in style, the Ostrich travel pillow allows for a restful sleep even in the most cramped plane ever: just put it on your head and put your hands inside the orifices for a comfortable, easy (fashionable ?) sleep wherever you might be: in the plane, atop of your desk at work, after those family dinners when your aunt has started asking when are you going to find yourself a significant other… 

Created out of high-quality elastomer and viscose, this pillow won’t only offer you a great restful place to sleep in, but it’s also really high quality and can withstand the passage of time, with the addition of being really easy and simple to clean for a mess-free experience! 

We’ve spent so much time working in front of the screen or in transit. Now it’s time when we should find a place that helps us to disconnect, nap, and dream. Just get yourself this travel pillow for the most comfortable and hilarious-to-the-onlookers naps you could ever have!

7.9Expert Score

Create your own little world and enjoy the ultimate cocoon pillow.


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