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First Maid Kit: 24 Bridesmaid Gifts That Don’t Suck

While the bond between a bride and her spouse is powerful, nothing compares to that she shares with her bridesmaids. Just like the groomsmen to a man, your bridesmaids are the ladies you can turn to for anything - a lesson you've learned all to well throughout the course of wedding planning. Now ...

28 Awesome Star Wars Gifts for Masters Students and Fans of the Force

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away... the Empire gains strength, and the Rebel cause is looking worse. As the Dark Side of the Force extends its reach, planet by planet, populations suffer and lose hope. It's up to the freedom fighters and scattered Jedi to unite and fight to bring ...

27 Awesomely A-Mew-Sing Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats behave like the feline kings they are. They only allow petting when convenient, try to communicate unspeakable things with multiple tail gestures, go on huge neighborhood tours for days (and actually return fatter), and perform impressive jumps from roof to roof. Did I mention they’re adorable ...

25 Must-Have Gifts for Coffee Lovers That They Will Appreciate

I was sitting in a restaurant at the end of a delicious meal. The waiter came to pick up the dishes and seduce me and my father with the dessert selection of the day. "One cheesecake, please", I said. "Two", my father added, "and an espresso please". The waiter smiled and started turning away when ...

34 Gifts for New Moms: Putting the “Fun” in Functional

The baby is born. Congratulations and pictures fly everywhere, and no one can deny that that's the most adorable baby the world has ever seen! Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in a new dad or mom's life. The new mom, eager to welcome the new member to the family, has been preparing ...

24 Unique Gifts for Nurses to Show How Much You Appreciate Them

When you become sick and have to go to the hospital, you generally picture a doctor gazing knowingly over your physical state. "Is it bad, doctor?" you ask, and then he gives you his diagnostic, filled with mysterious scientific words. After he's done, he's off to the next patient, and the next ...

55+ Best Gag Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Giving gifts is all about showing our love and how much we care about each other. For many of us, those gifts include sharing heartful appreciation for the kindness of our friends and family. However, sending gifts is also the perfect opportunity to share a few laughs, especially when the person ...

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