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How to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to maintain your running shoes. You’ll also see some valuable tactics to make your running gears last longer, such as sports T-shirt, sports shorts, sports bra and so on. Let's get started: Running gear is very important for every runner. Because ...

Must-Read Tips for LSD Training: How to Go from Zero to One

what is the LSD Training? LSD Training -- Long Slow Distance training, is an acronym for "long distance jogging". It is an aerobic training (also a continuous training method) that is characterized by "low intensity" and "long distance". According to Daniels' classic running intensity rating, the ...

Hip Stretches | 4 Moves That Will Help You Avoid Hip Injuries

When it comes to how often you loosen up your tight hip flexors, your hips don't lie. Desk jobs and travel can't help you avoid hip injuries, while Hip stretches do. As we all know that running posture is essential to running. If the running posture is not correct, it will not only impact the ...

Everything You Need to Know About Adidas Energy Boost?

The Adidas Energy Boost was one of Adidas' attempts at creating flexible and energy preserving training shoes. These shoes combine responsive cushions with a tight-fitting design to allow their users to run further while staying comfortable and energized. Their sock-like uppers hug the shape of ...

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