The Revolutionary TubShroom Shower Drain Hair Catcher

If you have long hair or shave on the regular, you probably have had to deal with a shower drain clogged with hair. If you’ve had to deal with a shower drain clogged with hair, you know how annoying it is to have small inundations and to have to pull a small mass of wet, soapy hair out of the drain. If you don’t want to have to deal with that nonsense ever again, we have a solution: the TubShroom shower drain hair catcher.

This shower drain hair catcher shaped like a mushroom goes in the place of your shower plug and makes the stray hairs that would go inside your pipes wrap around it for easy removal. No chemicals needed, no more tangled messes, just pull the TubShroom out and wipe it: no more clogged drains either.

This award-winning patented design won’t only save you time and messes but also money as it will prevent the clogged drains that would force you to call a plumber. It fits any standard shower plug and if it turns out not to fit yours, worry not: we have a 60 days money-back guarantee! When it’s time to clean up, just wipe the hair catcher off, what else can you ask?

9.1Expert Score

Say goodbye to clogged drains without catching hair with your fingers.

Easy to install
Material quality
Suction power

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