19 Unique Home Decor Ideas That Say About Your Personality

Your house is not only your retreat but a place that embraces all aspects of you, including your taste and trait. Showcase your unique flair and decorate it to reflect your personality or style. When you are someone who is not afraid to branch out from the typical, you are at the right place. Instead of going the “normal route”, get real and funky. Here, we’ve scoured some unique home decor items that could add to your collection. From the bejeweled figurines to gothic lamps to balloon art, find one that speaks to you.

Unique Home Decor

Folkulture Incense Holder

The home is your safe haven so you want to maintain the peace and harmony in your humble abode. Burning incense is one way to usher in positivity. However, the ashes can be a nuisance to clean up. Thanks to the Folkulture incense holder, burn two incense together and catch the ash before they trash the house. Its stylish Yin-yang design on the wooden structure can complement any room. It is a surefire hit for anyone who loves to meditate – even those who don’t will embrace the new lifestyle because of its aroma.

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ban.do Vintage Orange Juice Vase

Rise to a sunny, orangey day with a vase full of fresh flowers to brighten up your day, and add some zest to your desk with the ban.do ceramic orange juice vase. For someone who loves orange juice, give it a twist with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

The vintage-inspired vase will bring a smile to anyone’s face with its unique orange juice design. Put it on the dining table to accompany you in your meals, or on the coffee table to greet anyone who comes in with their daily dose of vitamin C. Pair it with one sunflower or angel’s breath to usher in good vibes every day.

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Gothic Metallic Black Skull Lamp

Halloween or not, bring in the spooky feel in your space through the skull lamp. Modern spooky home decor is a must for those who love Gothic themes. When you have a metallic skull that creates a shadow at night, nothing will be scarier than that. Let no one deter you from bringing in a statement in your living room or study. Place it next to a wall to add some character and make the skull shadow visible to everyone.

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Green Sea Turtle Jewelry Box

Encountering a green sea turtle in the ocean is a rare and special experience. Relive the moment as you go home through the bejeweled green sea turtle. This one-of-a-kind trinket box is nothing short of Ariel’s collection. Hide your precious possession in the turtle’s shell so no one could see. This jewelry box is a collectible one cannot resist, even by environmentally-conscious folks. Made from high-quality crystal, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Plus, each box is handmade to perfection, which makes it a unique present for yourself or a loved one.

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Mary Paxton Lip Cigarette Holder

Yes! It is an ashtray. The fun thing is you can use this even if you don’t smoke – the lip cigarette holder can store other things such as candles, sponges, and even lipsticks. Its lip design is what makes it stand out from the rest, thus, the best table decoration a woman who loves makeup or cigars can have. Made from ceramic glaze, it gives an exquisite and elegant design that makes it realistic and durable to use. Smoking cigarettes from one lip to another may not be appropriate, but not this time now.

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Suck Uk Terrarium Chemistry Set

When chemistry and botany collide, you get the terrarium chemistry set. With the best of each world, the terrarium features succulent decor that elevates your space. Bring the outdoors in through this mini cactus garden in a conical flask. It’s fun to have if you are an environmentalist or someone with kids, because the children will have fun learning about biology through this experiment. Living in the city or in a tight space is no longer an excuse not to have a mini garden at home.

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Art Amaze Gold Ferris Wheel

Charm anyone into an amazing view with the Art Amaze. Savor your childhood through the stylistic home decor that features a gold-plated Ferris wheel, and remember the good old days and rekindle the child within. The miniature version of this favorite ride in the amusement park will put a smile on your face. Its gold accent provides a luxurious feel and adds fun and excitement to an empty space from your living room to your home office.

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Quartz Cuckoo Clock

Nothing is as warm and nostalgic as hearing the sound of the cuckoo when the clock strikes 12. Hear the cuckoo echo in your house for each hour. Not only that, its intricate details which include a black forest house with miniature figurines and a moving train create a focal point. You will never get wrong regardless if your space has a modern or traditional theme. For clock collectors, the cuckoo clock is a gem and exquisite find that can also become an heirloom for the next generations.

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Balloon Dog Statue

The balloon dog sculpture is a unique home decor that can usher in playfulness in any space. Relive your childhood memory when you get to bring a balloon sculpture every time you go to a party. Now, you get to bring one that won’t pop and stay in shape for years to come. Prop it on your living room or shelf which will surely draw curiosity from anyone who comes in. It is the simplicity of the decor that makes it stand out from the rest, and the colorful resin that guarantees it will preserve the childhood memory you hold dear.

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Mud Pie Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shaker

Let them sail to the kitchen to whip out unimaginable cuisine that will lead them to the vast sea. Tie up your kitchen accessories with the naval or tropical theme of your house through the Mud Pie salt and pepper shaker. The sailboat design is beyond the realm of reason but still sensational in every way.

Mud Pie created this extraordinary ceramic shaker that hits like a huge wave at first glance. The salt shaker comes in the quintessential blue and white navy stripe design while the pepper shaker is all clad in white, all resting on a mango wood boat base ready to bring the taste of the world to your table.

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Lightshare 5FT Lighted Palm Tree

Enjoy the tropical vibe no matter what the weather outside is like with the lighted palm tree. Whether it is a pool or Christmas party, the lighted palm tree brings in the tropical feel all day, all night. Surrounded by 40 mini LED string lights, it can brighten up any corner and give a welcoming feeling to any guest. Create a summer vibe regardless of the season. Its distinctive design will draw in a curious crowd looking for a party that is beyond space and time. Who said you can’t have a tropical Christmas in the middle of winter?

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Cardboard Deer Trophy Head

Decorate your hallway or study with the quintessential cardboard deer that stands loud and proud on the wall. Animal lovers wouldn’t want to see a stuffed dead carcass in their space. So, if you love animals but want to respect their remains rather than preserve them, the cardboard deer is up to your alley. Capture the essence of the deer in an environmental way.

Construct the deer using the instruction provided. Take it up a notch by embellishing the deer with glitters and spray paint to make it your own. Moving the deer won’t be an issue either, unlike the stuffed animal, as it can be deconstructed to stay flat and reconstructed again in its full glamor.

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Superhero Metal Decorative Bookends

Be your own superhero and develop not only the physical but mental strength to stay on top of your game. Invest in books and fill up your shelf with the help of the Superhero decorative bookends. It looks quirky and cool at the same time through the magic pop and fun accent. Bring out your sense of humor to break the monotony of your huge bookshelf and add a whimsical twist to it. Embrace your love for art and comics by spicing up your space. Your superhero is here to save the day, ushering loads of compliments.

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Wooden Boat Canoe Coffee Table

Sail to the high sea right in your living room through the Canoe coffee table lake. Create an accent in your space that is extraordinary and sensational. Get into the nautical vibe, even if your place is far from the ocean. A unique coffee table in the living room can make or break the space. For someone who has a distinctive taste, hop on your canoe and park it in your living space. Let no one question your peculiar taste because the antique honey finish table is there to stay. Though it won’t float on water, it will stay afloat in everyone’s mind after seeing it as home decor.

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Umbra Phantom Wall Picture Frame

Art doesn’t have to be flat on the wall, it can float too. Let your wall decor stand out with the help of Umbra Phantom wall picture frame. It’s easy to install and can instantly revamp the look of any wall. Umbra Phantom picture frame uses wire and glass to give it a fresh look. The great thing about this 8 x 10 frame is that it can work horizontally or vertically. Whether you hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf, it will still stand out.

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Ardax Black Ceramic Decorative Bowl

Replace your old bowls with artistic decorative ones that are second to none. Rather than the usual drawings, get several bowls with face patterns. Sculpture lovers will not be able to resist this unique find. The face sculptured bowl may not be for everyone as it caters to people with eccentric tastes. They are a class by itself fit for the demigods who love themselves. The bowls are handcrafted from ceramic, resulting in polished art not found in other bowls. Use it as a flower pot or as storage for your jewelry, watches, and keys. 

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Irregular Date Tree Sculpture

A piece of artifact that you will rarely see in a home is the Irregular date tree sculpture. Who would dare to put one? Woodcutters, carpenters, or collectors may find this item interesting enough to decorate their space. As they say, one man’s garbage can be the wood lover’s prize possession. Bring nature inside your modern home. Made from natural date tree wood, it presents a charm like no other. The best focal point in a study or log cabin set in the woods. Each piece has its distinctive shape and texture making yours unique and a class of its own.

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Sneaker Candle

Now, who would think of burning their sneakers? Shoe lovers cannot relate. Switch it up to a sneaker candle and even the die-hard shoe lovers won’t be able to resist this unique home decor. Natural soy wax is used to make the shoes, which mimic athletic shoes.

The sneaker candle has a realistic design that is mind-boggling. When you can’t bring your shoe collection to your study or bedroom, let the sneaker candle make its way. Burn it to create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere for everyone in the room. Aside from shoe lovers, this is the ideal present for runners or athletes wanting to relax after a tiring day in the gym.

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DIY Cactus Coasters

Bring your fondness for succulents in your kitchen through the cactus coaster. Don’t worry as it won’t prick anyone and is safe to use as a coaster. Each set comes with six pieces of coasters set on a flower pot holder. All of these are neatly packed inside a color package box. Decorate your counter with this fun kitchen item and share it with a friend who is also fond of succulents. Made from high-quality EVA, these coasters will not bend even with drinks that are too hot or too cold.

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