19 Cool & Unique Wall Clocks: Make Every Second Count

“Time is gold” is an old adage that will stand the test of time. Knowing the time often gives you a perspective of where you are at any particular moment. It dictates how productive, and at times wasteful, of every minute or second in your day is. No one can live without a sense of time which is why clocks are invented – to remind each and everyone that we only have 24 hours a day and that we either kill time or take control of our actions. Make each second to millisecond count. Here are some unique and cool wall clocks that suit your lifestyle and personality:

Unique Wall Clocks

Timelike 3D Clock Hands

From a minimalist to a home decor that sparks creativity, the Timelike 3D clock defies the norms of what a wall clock should look like. All you’ll receive is an aluminum frame clock that only displays the minute and hour hands.

Devoid of numbers and lines to tell the time, it triggers someone’s creative mind. Explore various ways of displaying time in their own style or design. Add it as a funky accent to a colorful wall, or, for the sentimental folks, use pictures in lieu of the numbers. It is a perfect housewarming gift for minimalists and artistic people.

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Enesco Whatever Clock

For those who are consistently late, give him an eccentric clock that will make him stop and look for one. The numbers are all scrambled at the bottom left corner and only the hands moving. It is a menace to see how he can keep up with his schedule without checking the time twice. And the scribbled word WHATEVER makes the entire experience amusing for anyone.

Have fun while giving this away to a friend or family who has their own standard of time. The most suitable housewarming and Christmas present for those who always complain about not having enough time in their day.

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Unique Realistic Guitar Wall Clock

Clocks come in many shapes and forms. And it is always fun to find something that is close to the person’s interests. As such, the emergence of a guitar clock, which is mounted on a replica of a wooden guitar equipped with all strings and tuning pegs.

Guitar collectors wouldn’t mind adding an eccentric guitar to their collection, only that it functions differently. Give this to someone who has successfully made a debut in the music world. Or, as a birthday present for a music lover who can’t live without listening to a tune in their daily lives.

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Decodyne Math Wall Clock

Now, for a mind-boggling experience that’ll change their view on time, the math wall clock defies the norm and will leave everyone dumbfounded. Imagine having to answer a mathematical question before you can tell the time. 

The math wall clock is an ordinary timepiece with an eccentric way to display numbers. Surprise your math teacher on their retirement day and engineer on their birthday with this stunning timepiece that will surely go on their walls. Mathematicians will love it to the millisecond. And there are those who curse the subject who might throw it away. Just think wisely about who you are going to give it to.

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Abong Wooden Pendulum Clock

Warning: the puzzle clock model kit is not for everyone. A stunning but unconventional timepiece that has to be built from scratch is a present meant for the chosen few. That is for people with tons of patience and skill because of the time needed to put all the intricate details together. The end-product is truly marvelous, especially for a mechanic or engineer who has mastered their crafts.

The puzzle clock has a great interior display that showcases wooden gears and a pendulum to tell the time. It can capture anyone’s attention at first glance and takes a curious mind to decipher the time.

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Furniture HotSpot Gear Wall Clock

If rugged and chic is your thing, the steampunk wall clock will be up to your alley. This is a perfect housewarming present for someone who loves that industrial feel or a shabby chic look in their space.

Decorate the wall with the gear wall art. It is a lovely timepiece that can be propped on the wall minus the assembly time. Transport back to the industrial era when everything has a rustic, rugged feel from the furniture to the wall decors. Bring back the charm from the olden times with its clock-ticking sound.

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Umbra Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock

Tell the time without looking at the numbers. It requires a mastery of the position of numbers on the clock to appreciate the charm of the umbra modern wall clock. Ditch the old 2D one and go for a 3D wall clock for a cool, modern concept.

A bachelor’s pad will look great with this statement piece he can hang on the wall. Embrace the single’s life in a sensational way with the ribbon wall clock. No eerie sound of a ticking clock, a silent movement that is accentuated through the red minute and hour hands. The metallic ribbon did a great job in marrying the masculinity of the metallic frames against the fluidity of the ribbon design.

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Black Backwards Wall Clock

People who love looking at the mirror will understand the essence of the backward wall clock. Suggest putting it behind their dresser and watching the magic happen. On an ordinary day, any other person who tries to decipher the code may give you an odd look on their face.

When the clock starts ticking counterclockwise and the numbers are reserved, it is always fun to watch people be amazed at how a simple alteration can stir up emotions and pique curiosity. An out-of-this-world Christmas white elephant gift that will blow the receiver’s mind away. Don’t be shocked if they ask you if it really works.

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Coffee Cup Pendulum Wall Clock

Send your love and congratulatory message to a friend who is opening their cafe a coffee cup clock. Add a whimsical touch to their neighborhood cafe through the colorful coffee-themed wall clock, and put a smile on every coffee lover’s face as they check the time.

The pendulum adds a unique charm that can capture anyone’s heart. No assembly is required as all the coffee pots, saucers, and containers are designed and painted with the clock. It also makes a nice mother’s day present which she can hang in the kitchen or dining room. With just one look, it gives off a warmth feeling no other clock can do.

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Honeycomb Inspired Wall Clock

Bee creative and let honey ooze from the honeycomb to bring out the sweetness of life in every second. Let not the bees distract or taunt you from enjoying simple pleasures like an exquisite honeycomb clock. Bees will be swarming in for sure around the hexagonal honeycomb-inspired wall clock.

The uniqueness of the bamboo clock brings in an element of nature indoors. While its contemporary design creates a heartwarming ambiance that is also cool to look at – the hexagon design that both young and old will like. Hand this over to honey lovers at Christmas to decorate their kitchen or study.

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Umbra Blink Wall Clock

When you are not sure how to decorate your bedroom, an adjustable item is a safe and surefire hit. The minimalist clock leaves leeway for the user to customize the scale of the clock to fit their space. Its DIY feature makes this a mounted clock for everyone.

Get a minimalist look with the simple black design. It has no backdrop allowing you to adjust it to your preference using the mounting hardware. They can get adventurous or revert to the typical size using the preset wall template that came with the clock. People who prefer simple, minimalist design will appreciate the beauty of the clean and straightforward design.

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Now TIME Wall Clock

Your sibling or partner who loves to procrastinate might get a heart attack with the Now wall clock. Get them moving with this witty wall clock that screams the word NOW in a variety of ways. Give this as a gag gift to a procrastinator. Or amaze someone who is always in the moment and believes in the Power of Now.

The clock in itself is basic but the twist makes it extraordinary. Wrap one up and send it over for Christmas or bring it along to a housewarming party. The best place to mount it is in the home office or study to get the recipient moving before it’s too late.

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Wall Clock with Spoons and Forks

Satisfy the palette of the greatest home chef in your life with this one-of-a-kind spoons & forks clock. Their passion and commitment to whipping out extraordinary dishes are worthy of praise. Let it resound all over their space with the stunning wall clock. After working all day in the kitchen, their sleep will not be disrupted because the minute and hour hands move in silence.

Display them in the kitchen inside the house or restaurant to tie in with the entire space. Despite the humongous spoons, forks, and ladle on the clock, the numbers, minute, and hour hands are still visible through the naked eye.

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Kikkerland Big Wheel Revolving Wall Clock

Gear your friend’s house up with a bizarre but refreshing wall clock design. This is the perfect present for someone who turned the wheel of life, accomplishing great things. When the time is right, things fall into place. Celebrate their achievement with this unique wall clock from Kikkerland.

The Kikkerland big wheel wall clock gives a new meaning to the standard timepiece. Its revolving feature makes it stand out from the rest as the number rotates and not the hands. Getting used to it may take time but it’s an avant-garde home decor that’ll capture the artistic eyes.

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Unique Cork Wood Wall Clock

Environmentally conscious friends will love the cork wood clock. Pique the interest of everyone who never thought cork wood can be transformed into a clock. Come prepared with some facts about the cork wood not everyone would know such as the harvested cork trees combat C02.

Plus, the fact that no damage has been left on the trees upon harvest makes the clock a sustainable item that’s worthy of all the hype. Aside from its eco-friendly feature, no one can deny the timeless beauty it adds to any room.

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Modern Home Melting Clock

Bring the masterpiece of Salvador Dali’s to life with the melting wall clock. Amaze art enthusiasts with the whimsical way to tell the time in honor of the legendary artwork The Persistence of Memory. Only art lovers would know the story behind the infamous which speaks of the omnipresence of time in dreams.

Awake them from their reverie in a magical way through the wall clock that gives the illusion of being trapped in the wonderland like Alice. With the ticking clock, you know that you are back in the real world because you’ll rarely see a clock in your dream.

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Mid Century Starburst Wall Clock

Go retro with the Starburst wall clock to add a dash of color to the wall. Transform a serious home office or living room into a blast from the past experience through the colorful and one-of-a-kind timepiece. As design tends to come back every few years, the mid-century wall decor will never go out of style.

The right combination of function and style can throw anyone off guard. But the Celeste wall clock does it really well with the minimalist yet colorful design with its time functionality. The multicolored spokes create an impact, transforming any space into a vibrant and stimulating one.

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Clock with Hidden Wall Safe

Searching for the best present for someone who loves spy-themed movies? If yes, get them into The Kingsman or James Bond mood with the safe clock. The key item in every spy movie is having a safe to hide essential items. Away from the suspecting eyes, it provides a safe haven for small valuables.

No one will expect to see a safe behind a functional traditional wall clock. Beyond what the eyes can see are three layers of the shelf to store small items such as diamonds, cash, and other luxury items. The wall clock can be easily installed in the bedroom or office as a regular timepiece with hidden valuables.

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Mechanical Moving Gears Clock

Take a simple timepiece up a notch with an uncommon design that demands attention. The Automaton wall clock is nothing but extraordinary in delivering the time with the steampunk or industrial twist.

Anniversary presents for a lovely couple who have brazed through times and lived up to the time of the industrial revolution will love its aesthetics. The delicate craftsmanship can be seen in all the details from the structure to the paint. Everything, including the gears and cogs, is airbrushed to perfection. Time may pass by like the wind but the automaton wall clock is there to stay.

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