17 Useful Gifts That You Never Imagined Could Exist

Not all gifts are created equal. While some might be good for a quick laugh, the best gifts are those that provide genuine value to the lives of your friends and families. Shopping for useful gifts as an adult is much harder than expected, though; when your companions can buy whatever they need, how do you discover an original product that still solves a concern in their life? In this list, you will find an array of unique, undeniably practical products with the potential to make your loved one’s life better than they ever could have imagined.

Best Useful Gifts

The LaySee Pillow

When you’re relaxing around the house, nothing is more important than being comfortable. A day off is only as cozy as your worst pillow, so get your loved one a relaxing gift that makes every weekend a trip to cloud nine. LaySee is a supportive foam pillow designed to provide complete comfort to every hardworking individual – in particular, those challenged in the visual department. Thanks to a well-placed cutout, glasses-wearers are able to lie down with their lenses on and enjoy relaxing, pain-free lounging in bed, on the sofa, or lounging around the backyard. With an eco-friendly Tencel cover that stays soothingly cool through every use, LaySee offers your loved ones an ethical, practical solution to the woes of napping with glasses.

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Plott Cubit Smart VR Measuring Tool

For the impulsive homeowner, the danger of finishing half a renovation only to find that the furniture no longer fits the space is all too real a concern. Turning a home into a fresh, fun space shouldn’t be a cause of stress, and the practical Plott tool is here to make it so. Capable of virtually measuring length and width within 1/8 of an inch of their actual size, Plott can guarantee that a design plan works before you so much as lift a finger. Design your dream space in the corresponding Cubit app, or wing it and make changes in real-time using powerful Bluetooth. If your loved one is desperate to shake up the home, Plott is just the useful gift to make the dream a reality.

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Wicker Woven Storage Bin for Stairs

Finding storage space is the eternal struggle of a homeowner. When your loved one’s coats no longer fit the coat closet and their shoes are strewn about the floor, you know it’s time to gift them a new storage solution. The Birdrock basket is a practical organization tool for those low on space and high on clutter. With its multilevel base, the useful stair basket takes advantage of the dead space along the edge of the staircase, creating storage where you might never have thought to put it before. Gorgeous wicker exterior hides clutter to create calm and order, and the convenient handles ensure ease when the time comes to eventually return said clutter to its proper place. 16-inches at its highest, the basket can provide most standard staircases with impressive storage that can’t be beaten.

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Luxafor Flag LED Busy Light Indicator

For some of your colleagues, any interruption from the daily grind is a welcome one. However, this next gift is for those who loathe being pulled out of the zone when they’re at their most productive. Luxafor is a simple gift in theory: when your co-worker is available to talk, they can set the small USB flag to green; when busy, they just change the color and go about their day. The practical value of this simple idea is priceless, though, ensuring that your companions get the time they need to focus on work and that colleagues never need to worry about interrupting at a critical time. With numerous colors and strobing patterns available, Luxafor ensures that office communication is about to get a whole lot more efficient.

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Meister Ice No-Swell Stainless Steel Compress

In an ideal world, cuts and bruises would never be a concern. Unfortunately, from time to time we all end up with painful swelling that refuses to subside. Clumsy companions and fragile friends know the value of preparing for the inevitable, and Meister is the most practical preparation they could hope for. A heavy-duty, MMA-worthy compress, the 5.5-centimeter Meister is effective and reliable. Just screw open the lid, fill the Meister with water, and store it in the fridge for a rainy day. Once removed, the stainless steel surface will stay icy cold for up to two hours while the rubber handle protects sensitive hands from the chill. So, while you can’t cure your loved one’s clumsiest tendencies, with the useful gift, you can certainly help alleviate the worst of their pains.

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TISUR Titanium Bolt Integrated Toothpick

You can’t plan when you’ll next need a toothpick, nor when you’re next going to see one, but at least you can make sure you’re prepared when the time does arrive. If your friends or family are sensitive to the food trapped in their teeth or the thought of using a toothpick touched by a stranger’s sticky fingers, TISUR is the practical solution that you never knew existed. A lightweight useful gift designed to fit on your loved one’s keychain, this reusable toothpick is an eco-friendly, hygienic alternative to single-use wooden toothpicks from a bucket in a restaurant. Durable titanium build ensures that it stands up to even the toughest foods, allowing its owner to leave each meal feeling comfortable and clean.

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Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps

Wires are infamous for their ability to tangle, so it’s about time you found a practical gift that conquers the knottiest of cords. Wrap-It transforms knotted, messy piles of wires into practical loops that are simple to store and pleasing to see. Available in a number of sizes and even in multi-packs, there’s no reason for a garage or shed to remain an unsightly mess – the grommet on the largest Wrap-Its can support up to 50-pounds upon a single hook! Don’t waste any more time untangling wires as and when you need them; you and your loved ones can devote this year to organizing solutions built to last a lifetime.

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Ironing has essentially become a skill of the past, but sometimes, it truly is essential to unwrinkle your clothes. Scruffy colleagues needn’t worry about picking up the iron, though – with this practical gift, preserving a neat wardrobe is as simple as taking a shower! The Steam Clip supports wrinkled garments in the bathroom, relying on the steam from your shower and the power of gravity to restore your clothing’s neat, clean-cut appearance. This multi-tool works on every shower with every hanger, offering a practical solution to wrinkles no matter how far work might take you. Don’t make a bad first impression again; order 1, 2, or 4 and revitalize your wardrobe with ease.

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Methven Adjustable Shower Arm Mount

Showering might be a regular necessity, but for many, this act is more than a practical part of the daily routine. A good shower serves as a relaxing break from the chaotic outside world, granting you a moment of peace to focus on your own needs. Methven shower heads take your escape and transform into as soothing and stress-free an experience as possible. Delivering a 25% stronger spray force and twice the coverage of a traditional shower, Methven showerheads provide a luxuriously powerful clean all in a water-efficient package. Combined with incredible limescale resistance, Methven removes all the stress from the shower experience, giving your loved ones the freedom to enjoy their aquatic oasis to the extreme.

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KeySmart Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

Bulky, jangling keychains are a standard part of adult life. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve upon this expected feature, though – with the right practical gift, of course. KeySmart key holder is the ideal storage solution for those loved ones frustrated with their weighty pocket full of keys. By storing up to 8, 14, or 22 keys (size dependent) in a slim, lightweight frame, your family and friends can enjoy a stylish, functional alternative to their messy keychain. No tools are required to attach house keys, office keys, or even your car keys to the KeySmart – just an orderly adult fed up with jingling keyrings! Available in 5 unique color variations, the KeySmart keychain organizer is an attractive storage option for all of your practical colleagues and friends.

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Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses

Enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the world is a beautiful, stress-relieving pastime. Unfortunately, that enjoyment is only going to last as long as your arm muscles do. Standard binoculars, though essential for discovering every incredible inch of the natural world, are awkward, weighty, and all in all, impractical for extended use. Binocular glasses offer a new, functional perspective to the experience. With 3x magnification and green film optics lenses, it allows your loved one to take in the view with minimum eye strain and zero shoulder ache. Adjustable nose pads and arms only sweeten the deal, ensuring a comfortable fit for short-term and long-term use in the field. With the professional opera glasses, it’s easy to see the value of a practical, well thought out gift.

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Suck UK Sushi Tape

Your loved one might be a stickler for gifts that are practical rather than fun, but have you considered a gift that is both? The tape is a must-have accessory around the house, an essential that everyone reaches for time and again, and Suck UK washi tape is as functional as any. What sets Suck UK apart from other brands is the original design of each roll or tape; Who can resist the appeal of a neatly-wrapped sushi roll? Or, if sushi isn’t to your loved one’s taste, order a set of donut tape, space tape, or even traditional memo pad tape! Each set of 4 tape rolls not only serves a practical need, but also injects a dose of fun into your serious loved one’s day; that doesn’t suck at all!

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Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass & ID Badge Holder

Pockets are a luxury that we don’t appreciate until they’re gone. Holding glasses, badges, or similar essentials without a handy pocket is truly a torturous experience. Who would’ve thought one little clip could solve all your problems? Readerest magnetic clips, available in 5 different colors, provide a neat, professional place to carry badges, headphones, and more without hassle. As easy to apply as any pin but without causing damage to their clothing, your loved ones will appreciate the ease in rocking this handy little clip. Readerest magnetic clips are the useful gift for those professionals seeking a practical, American-made solution to a lack of pockets – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Inkbox Freehand Semi Permanent Tattoos

Tattoos are undeniably cool, but practical minds understand the commitment that goes along with each intricate ink. Inkbox temporary tattoos allow those unsure about going under the needle a chance to try out the tattoo of their dreams without the lifetime commitment of a true tattoo. After developing over 24 to 36 hours, each temporary tattoo lasts for up to 2 weeks – more than enough time to decide whether or not their dreamed design is really for them. Easy and painless to apply, Inbox temporary tattoos make a great gift for those unable or unwilling to commit to a permanent tattoo.

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Ghost Wire 2.0 Super Flat Adhesive Speaker Wire

Unsightly wires are the pain of every practical perfectionist. Sure, wires running throughout the house are a regular occurrence in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean your loved ones want to look at them! Sewell flat adhesive grants your friends and family a tidy solution to messy wires – a flat, durable, conducting tape that can be painted over. Available in various lengths and in packs of 2 or 4, you can be sure that your loved ones will receive more than enough of this electric gift to create the efficient modern home they’ve always imagined.

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PackIt Flex Bento Food Storage Container

Packing a lunch for school or work is practical in terms of cost and environmental impact, but the standard lunchbox isn’t always the most convenient carrying vessel. Minimize the washing up for your colleagues by giving them the versatile Bento box that conforms to each and every meal. The PackIt Bento box comes with 2 adjustable dividers inside, allowing your chef to a section of the container however they please. Now, your family and friends can take advantage of their entire 54-ounce lunch container without worrying about cross-contamination of flavors. Spill-resistant, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe, the PackIt Bento box makes lunch a breeze from preparation to clean up.

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No-Mess Tuna Can Strainer

Kitchen prep is always a process worth streamlining. Messy and tedious, any gift that simplifies the cooking process is well worth receiving. The Prepworks colander is a practical gift for the reluctant chef in your life – the one who’d rather be anywhere but the kitchen, and whose diet consists primarily of canned goods and pre-made meals. A colander that attaches directly to an open can, Prepworks guarantees mess-free straining of fruits, vegetables, and other canned goods. This handy colander, being both small and affordable, is a minor addition to the kitchen, but one with the potential to redefine cooking for your practical, culinarily-stunted companions.

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The internet is a vast place full of amazingly weird products, so finding a hilariously ridiculous gag gift for your family and friends is inevitable. But amid all the strange trinkets and irreverent props, is there anything out there for your more practical pals? If you know what to search for, you’ll find that geartry can be your one-stop shop for seriously useful gifts for seriously serious loved ones. Right here, you’ll find an assortment of unique, practical presents that you never imagined could exist. Both functional and accessible, these gifts are perfect for those persnickety ones that long for convenience and use above all else.

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