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24 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her That She Never Knew She Wanted

New Year’s Eve is past us, February is here and with it comes Valentine’s Day. Couples around the world are getting ready to celebrate their love in fancy restaurants, romantic outings, and traveling abroad. It is a day of surprises, of remembering the good times and to set the stage for a great year in your relationship.

Do you have that special present that will make your better half swoon? No? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Dig around for some thoughtful and beautiful valentine’s day gifts for her that we’re sure will turn that spark of love into a fiery year of passion.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe

Does your girlfriend look at the sky in wonder? Does she value mindfulness? Then this wishing globe can be the perfect valentine’s gift for her to store wishes, dreams, and to give thanks for all the good things in life (including your relationship!). She can write her innermost desires and thoughts in the small piece of paper, and store them inside the globe. Now that they’re all together, their combined power will make them come true! It’s a way of saying “I wish we will be together forever!”

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Red Heart Shaped Umbrella

Umbrella design has become a lot more interesting over the years. Consider this heart-shaped one: Not only it is a way to protect your girlfriend from the rain, but also from being unloved. The heart shape also protects a wider area when compared to the traditional circular-shaped ones. This is how your thoughtfulness and care can be hand-in-hand with the love you feel. And the next time she gets out in the rain, everyone will be able to see your strong connection.

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120 Languages Necklace

What do the Swahili “Nakupenda”, Korean “Salanghae” and Japanese “Aishiteru” words have in common? They’re all ways to say “I love you” around the world. If your valentine is a polyglot, or just has a taste for foreign languages, gift her a necklace with “I Love You” inscribed in 120 different languages. Comes included with a small magnifying glass, so you don’t have to strain your eyes while declaring how you feel in every language in the world.

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LED Pink Rose Flower

Nothing tells “I Love You” louder to your girlfriend than a bouquet of red roses for valentine’s day, until they eventually dry and lose their grace. Were you thinking of flowers but want them to last? Gift her Led roses. Guaranteed to never lose their charm! Coming with the flowery shapes and the beauty of soft light colors, it can be set up anywhere around the house. Wherever she chooses to put them, the atmosphere will instantly become more romantic.

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Beauty and The Beast Rose

Were you born in the 80s and loved The Beauty and the Beast? Were you a grumpy male until the love of your life came to change all that? It’s time to show some appreciation with a rose lamp! Inspired by the original and empowered with lights to make it look even better, this romantic valentine’s gift is going to make her feel all that love and gratitude for turning you into a prince! Now go learn a couple of songs from the movie for maximum effect!

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Luminous Pearl iWatch Bracelet

If you have a techy girlfriend, always ready to try the latest craze in technology, you can offer her some sweet gifts that she can carry along. This iWatch bracelet comes with light-absorbing beads: if they are exposed to sunlight for long enough, they will shine at night. The next time she looks at her watch, here’s what she will see: “Today you walked 10km and I loved you every step of the way!”

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Creative Explosion Gift Box

On the lookout for surprising valentine’s day gifts for her that allow you to put some of your creativity in it? Do you have great memories that you would like to store all in the same place? This Love Box will be splendid to combine with your skills! When unwrapped, the box opens outwards to reveal many lovely shapes, where you can write all the charming phrases you have in mind. Just imagine how she’ll feel when she opens her gift! It will make for great memories in the future.

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Compass Jewelry

You didn’t know love was this powerful and astonishing. You were lost and confused until you met your girlfriend. But now that you’re together, you know exactly where you’re going. If you value a powerful, yet subtle, message, gift her a compass necklace this valentine’s day, included with a card reading “I’d be lost without you”. The perfect gift for your journey together!

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Heart Shape Salt Lamp

This heart-shaped lamp, apart from being a great object to have in her bedside table, also has some hidden properties that your girlfriend will appreciate: it is made with Himalayan salt. When turned on, the salt will release ions into the room, improving breathing, reducing stress, managing blood pressure and increasing energy levels. This gift doesn’t show only love, it also shows you care for her wellbeing.

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Funny Stemless wine glass

When you drink enough wine, eventually, every wine glass can become funny. But if you want that effect even before the first sip, why not gift her this Funny Wine glass? It reads: “I love to wrap both my HANDS around it and SWALLOW”. Like advertised, it has a good shape to put the hands around, and a container inside that shape to pour the still undrunk wine. Guaranteed to get a chuckle!

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Personalized Girlfriend Mug

You’ve spent the past few years using dating apps and sites until you thought you wouldn’t find your soulmate. That’s when she came along to rock your world. Tell your girlfriend your search for true love is over with this funny coffee mug. Every time she has coffee (or tea), she’ll be reminded of how you feel about finding her. The Google algorithm is working exactly as intended, thank it for bringing you together!

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18K Gold Plated Necklaces

Is your girlfriend spiritual? Does she value the energy? Gift her a crystal necklace. Not only aesthetically, but they also work energetically in the invisible world of auras, energies, fortunes and…love! If your girlfriend values this balance, offering a crystal necklace will prove to be the perfect gift. Every time she wears it, she will feel your love close to her chest.

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Mini Electric Fridge

If you’ve never had to care for it yourself, you probably don’t realize the hassle of properly managing skincare and beauty products. Serums and moisturizers, as refreshing as they are for the skin, can be a nuisance to store long term, with many requiring storage at cool temperatures to maximize shelf life. If your lovely lady enjoys relaxing on the weekend with a face mask and a glass of wine, she has no doubt been irritated by the inconvenience of keeping her products in the kitchen on more than one occasion. This sleek, miniature fridge is the ideal solution – she can now keep her products with the rest of her toiletries. It’s an awesome gift that shows you listen to her daily woes, meaning this fridge is sure to impress on Valentine’s Day.

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Vera Wang Princess

Speaking of treating her like royalty this February, Vera Wang’s regal perfume “Princess” is a sure-fire win. Your highness will feel like the elegant princess you see her as when she dons this enticing aroma. Just one spritz and she will be engulfed in its perfectly balanced scent. Oriental vanilla and amber are warm and soothing; water lily, Tiare flower, and lady apple are crisp and engaging. Together, the elements of “Princess” make for a perfect valentine’s day gift for her that is truly worthy of royalty.

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Hidden Beach Wine Tote

There’s not much in life that isn’t improved with a glass of wine. Unfortunately, we can’t always bring a bottle with us on our many journeys. This secret Wine Tote is here to remedy this issue. If your loved one has a soft spot for a good vintage every now and again, this gift was made just for her. The tote is a genuinely attractive purse, perfect for even a sober trip to the beach or the movies. However, when the time is right for a glass or two, this tote delivers: just open the side pocket and reveal the key to her heart. Valentine’s Day can’t be complete without a glass of wine in hand. The PortoVino ensures that she won’t have to go without.

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Love Is Not Having to Hold Your Farts

Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as being steamy and sexy. However, the reality of love is not nearly so sensual. True romance isn’t defined by passionate, emotional displays of affection; rather, its a sense of complete comfort and ease with a person once the initial passion fades. When a woman no longer feels obligated to maintain her prim and proper image, that’s when you know that love is real. For your one and only, get the gift card that reflects the deep security you feel with her.

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Matching Couple Coffee Mugs

Like the two mugs in this set, you and your girlfriend may not always be side by side. When those days come, though it may be hard, you know that you will continue to show your adoration for her. Just as the stick figures continue to send their hearts to one another, each time your lady sips from her mug, she will be sending her love to you. Whether you’re separated by inches or miles, these Soulmates Mugs ensure that you and your special someone will always be connected over a soothing cup of joe.

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3D Papercut Light Boxes

Time with the person you love is serene and warm, as beautiful as the shadow painting on this next gift. Shades of orange and brown in the sky allude to the heat of your passionate moments; the cool blues of the lake reflect the stability and loyalty of two lovers fully committed to one another. And of course, the two figures holding hands are you and her, looking forward to the future hand in hand. A good Valentine’s Day gift should make your loved one feel a range of positive emotions. The imagery of the Womhope LightBox does just this, literally shining a light on the devotion and support of two individuals in love.

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LED Makeup Mirror

Your lovely lady doesn’t need makeup to look like a star, but who doesn’t like to dress up their face every now and again? If your woman enjoys playing around with her makeup, the gift of a Makeup Mirror is the ultimate reflection of your love. This mirror includes built-in LED lights that evenly brighten up her face and up to 10x magnification for point-perfect makeup every time. Show your loved one who you believe is the fairest of them all this Valentine’s Day!

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Couple Keychain

Your special someone holds the key to your heart. For a simple yet romantic Valentine’s Day gift, these couple’s charms are the key. The copper key chains can go wherever you do, conveniently fitting on any key ring or lanyard without adding any awkward clunkiness. They are sweet, unobtrusive and affordable – just the things to take any Valentine’s celebration to the next level.

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Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

From Washington to Japan, cherry blossoms spark feelings of romance in all of us. The visually stunning Lovepop cherry blossom card takes full advantage of this flower’s sweet connotation, presenting to your loved one an explosion of color and cuteness. Even when Valentine’s Day passes, this gift card will sit beautifully on her desk or table, continuing to remind her of your incredible gesture. Truly this gift is the cherry (blossom) on top of a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

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Star Light Rotating Projector

There is something indescribably soothing about staring up at a clear night sky. The twinkling light of faraway stars is a timeless symbol of romance, perhaps because of the calm, reliable sparkle of these distant bodies.

Take your love to the depths of the universe. The gift of a Starry Night Light will transform her bedroom into an oasis of constellations and shooting stars. The comforting lights are a powerful reminder for her that, even when you may be far away, your love is as constant as the stars in space. And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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Preserved Fresh Flower Eternity Rose

Roses are a Valentine’s Day classic. As beautiful as they are though, the life of a rose is brief; come March, that impressive bouquet will be wilted and dead. Your love is more permanent than your average red rose; that’s why this special day, your gift is going to enjoy a much longer life. The Preserved Rose is a real flower with an unbelievable lifespan. This sweet gift will remain by your love’s side for years without wilting. When the love you feel for her is undying, so to should be the rose that you present to her this holiday.

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Folded Book Art

Your relationship is a story, though the ending remains unknown. Ladies with their noses in the books will always appreciate a new novel for their endless library; however, this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to go the extra mile with her gift. Rather than simply handing her the typical book that she expects, use your gift to send an extra message of love. When its pages are folded just so, her new book will spell out the words you’ve been wanting to say. For a personalized gift with a unique twist, this novel gift idea is definitely one for the books.

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Your lady makes you feel like royalty 364 days of the year (and 365 days this leap year). This Valentines Day, it’s her turn to feel the love. Treat your special lady to the Valentines of her dreams with a thoughtful, well-planned day of devotion; whether she prefers a nice dinner out or Netflix and chill, give her an ultimate celebration she’ll never forget. Then, as the night winds down, present some sweet valentine’s day gifts for her that needle in the haystack and that she never knew she wanted. This Valentines Day, it’s all about her.