24 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him That Will Add Extra Passion to Your Relationship

December is gone and the new year has begun. For many, the start of January signifies a chance to catch your breath after the mayhem of the holiday season. However, don’t put away the gift wrap and ribbons just yet: Do you feel that in the air? It’s love! February is here, Valentine’s day is around the corner and it is time to celebrate!

Every February 14, all the couples are planning romantic outings and cool things to do, and everyone, men and women alike, are looking for that special present that will add that extra passion to the relationship. So start 2020 right by giving some truly memorable Valentine’s Day gifts for him… You might already have some gift ideas for great ones, but if not, here are some suggestions to woo him and even leave him blushing on this special day.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Letters to My Love

This is the definition of “a gift that keeps on giving”. You’ll get 12 letters with headings like “When we first met…” and “I promise you…”. It’s up to you to complete each letter and then set a time in the future to send him each one of them. This way, your Valentine’s day will continue throughout the year, even after it has passed! And after he receives all the letters, they will make a wonderful keepsake to remember the good times later.

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I Vow To Love You Coffee Mug

Your man has two priorities in life: you and games. He has played thousands of hours of his favorite games, and maybe you’ve witnessed the joys of victory and the rage of defeat. If there is a mysterious magnetism between him and his videogame console, consider offering him a gamer’s love this February. As this appreciative mug shows, no matter what the result is, strong love will be there at the “Game Over” screen!

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Funny Toilet Paper

Ah, the toilet! A place for physiological needs and sometimes keeping up with mobile games and social networking. Why not show your love at this time? With this romantic toilet paper, the message will keep on rolling. He will be running out of the bathroom to embrace you every time. A great gift choice that unites utility with romanticism!

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Life Planner Organizer

Does your boyfriend seem lost all the time? Did you have to remember him he had to leave for work like… right now? Gift him a life planner this valentine’s day. He’ll be able to keep things under control, not have to rush around and be more thankful for everything he’s achieving. The plus side? Since he’ll be more organized, you won’t have to call him out every five minutes and you’ll have more time to be with each other!

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Beard Kit for Men

You like rough, bearded men, we get it, but now some time has passed and his beard looks like an animal has made its lair on your boyfriend’s face! How long has it been since he trimmed that beard? Weeks? Months? …years? Stop the takeover. This beard kit can be the perfect valentine’s day gift for him, with tools, oils and beauty creams, it will become smoother and more beautiful than ever. You’ll be amazed after he leaves the bathroom, delightfully groomed!

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Retro Mixtape USB Memory Stick

When it comes to picking up valentine’s day gifts for a boyfriend who’s crazy for the 80s and 90s, you can’t go wrong with an artifact of the past packed with technology from the future. This mixtape secretly contains 16GB of storage, so your significant other can carry all the digital files he needs (mostly old music and pictures of you together) around with him, but in style.

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Nautica Men's Cologne

The underrated sense of smell can change the entire perception of places and people. If your husband or boyfriend has a limited selection of colognes, if he has always smelled the same in many months, consider shaking things up a bit by gifting him this fragrance. The next time he comes in to kiss you, you’ll smell hints of apple, cedarwood, musk, Greenleaf, and mimosa. A treat to the senses!

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Premium Men’s Tie Set

Was your man recently promoted at his office job? Does he need an upgrade in his tie’s department? Consider this luxury necktie set, with beautiful neckties and accessories, everything he needs to look good and professional at work. He’ll go to work feeling a lot more confident, and every time he catches his necktie reflected in the mirror during the day, he’ll think of your thoughtful valentine’s day gift and all the love he has for you.

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Side Sleeper Pillows

You’re getting ready to sleep with your husband. Your head is on top of his arm, as he calmly breathes behind you. You’re getting comfortable when suddenly he starts to retract that arm, as he has become uncomfortable. The solution? Gift him a side sleeping pillow! Now you can enjoy a full night sleeping in that position, without awkward midnight bed maneuvers.

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Kissing Mugs Set

Breakfast is the best part of the day for you and your soulmate. You might have a wide collection of mugs, but these Kissing Mugs are on a different level! Fill them with your favorite hot drinks, and have them stay in that cute kissing position! Maybe you could do the same yourselves…? Bring romanticism to every coffee- and tea-time by gifting him these adorable mugs, which also come in a very beautiful pack! Now you’ll have the perfect excuse for kissing while handling hot beverages.

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Our Adventure Book Photo Album

Your relationship has been an adventure of love and joy, why not document it? You already have lots of pictures, mementos, small meaningful objects, inside jokes… Gift this adventure book to record all those beautiful times so you can record and remember them by as time passes. You can even get inspiration from them for new adventures! Imagine all the stories you’ll have saved, and imagine all the enjoyment you’ll have reliving them with your valentine!

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Matching Couple Love

When it comes to the best valentine’s day gifts for him, is there anyone who wants to take your feelings outdoors for the whole world to see? These two t-shirts, one with “lo” and another with “ve”, makes for the best romantic gift idea for both of you. Walk around in style together, showing off how you feel about one another! Everyone will see how happy and strong you are together. Just be careful to ensure it reads right: if it reads “Velo”, you have to change sides!

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I Love You Beer Carrier

The best Valentine’s Day gift for him isn’t necessarily the poshest – for some guys, the greatest gift in the world is just a cold six-pack and a loved one to share it with. If you are planning him a romantic night this February, this cute custom beer carrier can add a Valentine’s Day touch to the festivities. The box, boasting a sweet “I love you” on the side, demonstrates your affection for your man in a creative, unexpected way.

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Naughty Valentine's day Card

Valentine’s Day is about physical connections as much as it is about emotional ones. It’s true that you love your significant other for who he is, quirks and all. But if there was ever a time to share with him your appreciation for his body, Valentine’s Day is that time. This risque Valentine’s Day gift card is simple and charming, despite the “less-than-chaste” message on the front.

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I Will Always Love You Coffee Mug

None of us are our best before that first cup of coffee in the morning. When you find someone who still loves you even as the kettle boils, you know you have someone special. And when you find someone who loves your groggy self to Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” extremes, you know you’ve found your one and only.

You and your significant other don’t just put up with each other each morning – you enjoy every drowsy moment of it. This Valentines Day, gift your man the mug that will constantly remind him of your devotion to one another and make the coffee time just a little bit sweeter.

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Truth or Dare

How well do you know your guy? This Valentines Day, you can get to know him a whole lot better with After Dinner Amusement’s “Truth or Dare for Couple”. Discover new ways to connect with your loved one as you take turns answering provocative truths and acting out steamy dares. “Truth or Dare for Couples” is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for couples interested in exploring their physical relationship in a fun, safe environment.

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Pixel Heart Morphing Mug

Your relationship is full of many tiny, beautiful moments, each like a pixel that contributes to a bigger picture. When putting together, these moments form the life you share. When you gift your man this pixel heart mug, you genuinely are offering him an extra life – a life as a couple, rather than one alone.

The heart isn’t only a symbol of love. In classic video games, it represents a player’s life points. For many, a cup of coffee represents the exact same thing; when the mug is fully depleted, it can feel like a game over. How appropriate then that the mug is only full once a hot beverage has been poured in!

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World's Best Boyfriend Trophy

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their work. Trophies are a clear example of this desire – a shiny gold figurine or plaque has no practical use, yet we eagerly anticipate receiving one because of the effort it represents. Your boyfriend may not be perfect, but he has proven time and again his love and devotion towards you. Looking for the perfect valentine’s gift to reflect your appreciation? Award him the title of “World’s Best Boyfriend”, complete with this incredible matching trophy.

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Past, Present, Future Men's Watch

Keeping up with your schedule is vital for your day-to-day functioning, but it’s important that we always take a moment to appreciate the here and now. This fashionable watch won’t just help your man know the time – it will keep him mindful of the present moment, keeping him grounded even on his most frantic days. If you are giving your loved one anything this Valentine’s Day, give him the gift of peace of mind.

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Fck Me Perfume

It’s Valentine’s Day – why not ask for what you really want? While your man might not be the one donning this memorable scent this February, the enticing scent of the “F*ck Me” perfume is sure to be a treat for him nevertheless. Help get him in the mood for part 2 of his Valentine’s Day gift; “F*ck Me” will leave you feeling sexy and your man just begging for a taste.

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Two Mugs for Soulmate

When two people are truly compatible, they will find themselves drawn to one another like magnets. The adorable couple’s mugs set from BoldLoft plays on this classic notion. The incredibly sweet stick figures on the mugs are appropriately being drawn to one another by means of the giant magnet one holds. Even if your guy is not a huge fan of cutesy imagery, he will no doubt appreciate the romantic sentiment behind this couple’s gift.

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Exotic Jerky Bouquet

Yes, roses are a staple of Valentine’s Day, but they are incredibly overdone. This year, get your significant other a gift that he can really sink his teeth into! The Exotic Jerky Bouquet features an array of delicious elk, buffalo and venison jerky that is guaranteed to get his mouth-watering. If you have been thinking of starting a new Valentine’s Day tradition, the Jerky Bouquet is sure to touch his heart (and stomach!).

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I Love You Soundwave Art

This creative image doesn’t mean much to the naked eye. That’s because the waves illustrated in this artwork weren’t originally depicted as lightwaves but as soundwaves. If your man was able to hear the waves as pictured, he would be listening to the familiar call of “I love you.” Truly, soundwave art is bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of showing him that you love him!

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Scratch Valentine’s Day Card For Him

Just as your Valentine’s Day gifts for him need a card to complete the package, what night together would be complete without a certain cherry on top? The risque message hidden beneath the heart on this card is hilariously unexpected and is sure to start your evening off on the right foot. This card is certainly a gift that he won’t see coming, but will definitely put a smile on his face.

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We hope you found what you were looking for! With one (or multiple!) of these unique valentine’s day gift for him, you’re set for a great celebration. Watch his amazement as he unwraps your present and seize the opportunity to celebrate your love!