Vibram Five Fingers Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes

You probably have never heard of Vibram five fingers, but if you are into running, sports or taking care of your health, I guess you probably have heard of the new trend saying that running barefoot is much healthier for you as it helps the impact or running hit your feet differently and be distributed to your joints in a healthier, less aggressive way.

And if you have any common sense at all, you have probably thought that running barefoot outside is a terrible idea because the floor is really hot, really dirty and full of all sorts of pokey, cut-y things that will turn your feet into a disgusting sad mess. If you want to experience all the benefits from running barefoot without any of the damage to your precious little fit, we have a solution: the Vibram Five Fingers Walking Shoes.

Enjoy running barefoot

Replicating the design of a human foot perfectly, these shoes provide all the benefits from running barefoot without any of the disadvantages (OK, maybe they look a tiny bit ridiculous, but if you go out there with confidence and own your look you might actually start a new fashion trend !).

Great comfort & lightweight

Just like most of the Vibram five fingers shoes do, this one provides great comfort as well. Every step on the walking shoes is like an experience of walking on the texture, which you can’t expect from most of the conversational shoes. Apart from that, it’s super lightweight that you can barely feel the weight on your feet.

Another amazing feature is the grip that the Vibram five fingers men’s shoes provide. Been wearing them multiple times in rocky uneven terrain, and not once did I have a problem of slipping, even on a slightly wet surface. They guarantee solid confidence that they will make an excellent running or trekking shoe, for those who prefer more challenging.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the design and the overall look. if you already overcome the barrier of five separate toes, which I know might be a huge issue for some people. Then you are up for a treat. 

Multiple colors for choices

Coming in multiple different colors, with wool lining inside and a grip rubber sole outside, and created of high tenacity nylon, wool, and polyester the Vibram five fingers shoes are high quality and will last you many years.

And in the case of women’s models, there are some purple at them, including the shoelaces. Just be careful when you order them: the size runs a bit small (and you might become the coolest person in your neighborhood)

8.6Expert Score

For everywhere you go! easy on, lightweight & packable.

Toe box

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