Volkswagen Camping Tent for Families

Did you live through the insanity that was Woodstock and you want a blast from the past? Are you a hippie that loves traveling and being carefree? Do you love antique vans? Are you simply into camping and really want to be the coolest, most awesome person around? We have something that you will love then: the VW camper tent.

Recreating the look of the famous Volkswagen van hippies used to camp in whenever they went to concerts and outings, this incredibly cool, stylish camping tent is really easy and quick to set up for a hassle-free camping experience.

Not only that but the VW camper tent is also incredibly roomy and it allows for up to 4 adults sleeping inside the 2 separate rooms it features. It also comes with everything that is needed to set it up so you don’t need to trouble yourself trying to find ropes, pegs, and poles.

And the tent is sturdy and waterproof to boot! If you really love camping, this Volkswagen camping tent is a perfect addition to your camping arsenal: in fact, not getting it right now would be a big mistake because it would mean that you are not cool enough to be the cool person with the cool tent, and you really don’t want that reputation.

8Expert Score

Designed according to the ultimate hippie car: Volkswagen

Easy to set up
Inner space

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