Wearable Toy Airplanes Kitty Hawk Pretend Play Toy

Do you have a little pilot that is really, really into aviation? A creative, artistic kid that loves building artistic stuff from nothing? A kid that simply really loves to dress up? All of the above, somehow? Then we have something that is going to take you out of your seat with emotion: the Ordinary Genius wearable toy airplanes Costume.

These wearable toy airplanes are made completely out of cardboard, and it only has 10 pieces for a fast, fun, hassle-free construction experience that is going to end up with your kid having a lovely cardboard airplane costume! This incredibly fun, artistic costume’s design is a nod to vintage airplanes for the most original Holiday costume you can make yourself.

Besides, it is sturdy and durable yet lightweight and somewhat compact (24″ to 27″ with the opening for the child being about 10″ in diameter) so your kid can run around, jump and play horse on it as much as they want without having to worry about destroying it or it falling apart. In addition, for bonus points to creativity, you can paint and decorate this cardboard airplane costume as much as you want!

All in all, if you have a kid that loves planes, being creative and using their hands and intellect to put things together, then this amazing fun gadget will give them not only an entertaining activity but also a lovely costume they’ll have built with their own hands.

8.7Expert Score

A pretend toy? no, it’s all about imagination, creativity and your childhood’s flying dream.

Easy to assemble

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