Westcott Scissors Non-Stick Titanium Straight Scissors

You may not hear about westcott scissors, but I bet you must have come across the moment when you cut scotch or masking tape with a scissors, tape adhesive sticks to the blades and renders the scissors difficult to use, right?

Westcott scissors put end to that problem with a non-stick blade coating that cuts through sticky adhesives without any residue.

Using a process that bonds titanium to the blades and then coats them with a breakthrough non-stick formula to produce an adhesive-resistant, Westcott is not only easy-to-clean, but also comes with a longer-lasting cutting edge. These scissors will stay sharp, smooth-cutting and residue-free for years.

On top of that, Westcott non stick scissors are lightweight, durable, and comfortable to use for all occasions. They are ideal for use home, office or classroom, with art and scrap-booking projects.

Thanks to the Non-stick coating, the blades become corrosion and adhesive-resistant, thus making them perfect for cutting through tape, Velcro and glue without residue sticking to the blades. Creating your next masterpiece is easy when you have the very best tools to work with.

However, this is not the only trick up its sleeve, the redesigned and ergonomic handles provide maximum comfort during use. Whether you are cutting through heavy fabric, boxes, or plastic packages. Westcott scissors will be the last scissors you will ever need.

9.5Expert Score

This will be the last scissor you will ever need.

Easy to hold

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