Wine Bottle Holder Magic Rope Floating in The Air

A wine connoisseur? Do you enjoy having a good glass every once in a while? Do you drink rarely, but you would love to give your house a classy, elegant touch and becoming the coolest, most interesting person in the neighbourhood? Then we have something that is going to surprise, amaze and make you want to get it right away in equal measure: this magic wine bottle holder.

Stylish, elegant and refined, this magic wine bottle holder is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to step up their wine game. With a simple yet elegant design, this magic wine holder will make all those attending your soirées gasp with surprise and delight and it will be a good conversation starter (a lot of people are going to ask you how does it work. If you find out, tell us: we don’t know either).

The original, carefully engineered design of the rope masterfully balances the bottle of wine and distributes the weight equally, so the bottle is held up by its tip without falling: don’t worry, the rope and its design have been created not to let the wine bottle drop, so no messy accidents are going to happen.

The perfect gift for any wine loves, for the cowboys or cowgirls in your life, or even those with an admiration of sailors (because of the rope! Get it ?). This fantastic wine bottle holder is a welcomed addition to the kitchen of anyone who drinks wine or uses it for cooking every once in a while.

9.1Expert Score

Looking for a creative way to display your favorite wines?

Artistic in appearance
Easy to assemble

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