Wine Decanter Unique Gun Decanters set for Alcohol 8 Shot Glasses

If you ever watched an old Western movie, you already know that to be the biggest, baddest cowboy in town, you need a horse, a gun, do the Clint Eastwood squint, and constantly do shots of whiskey to intimidate the rival cowboys. And if you ever were a fan of Westerns, cowboys, or Sheriffs, it is really likely that you still want to be one. Getting this incredibly cool, fun wine decanter is a great first step towards cowboy-hood.

This amazing wine decanter set comes with 2 gun-shaped decanters and 8 whiskey shots and a belt holster so you can be the biggest, baddest man in the West. For added protection, it also comes in a protective carrying case that is not very Western-looking but will still have you looking badass of course.

This wine decanter and shots (Heh! Get it? Because it’s shaped like a gun !) are made out of sturdy, completely safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about it being a health hazard: the food-grade glass is both chip and shatter-resistant.

It is perfect to add a touch of class and badassery to your life and your parties, as a Father’s day present, for your frat bro that’s celebrating his birthday next Friday after class, for bachelor parties, for weddings (specially shotgun ones, heh !) or simply for anyone that loves guns or never really grew out of their cowboy phase, this amazing set of wine decanter and glass shots will have everyone asking where you got it.

8.9Expert Score

Show up to a party and add some fun to your friends with the gun shaped wine decanter.


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