Wine Stoppers Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper

If you have seen American Pie, it is quite likely that this movie opened your mind to see anything with a hole in a rather… non-innocent way, which can lead you to think about some things that are hilarious and dangerous in equal measure. You might have noticed that bottlenecks are cylindrical, long, and have a hole… Well, we want to tell you someone has had the same idea that you’ve just had, and it led them to create the hilarious, witty, funny wine stoppers.

“Sir Perky,” as we like to call it, is made out of really durable, “rock hard” (heh !) thermoplastic that will plug your bottles with its…” third leg” so your wine doesn’t go sour or lose its scent. This funny wine stopper is also easy to clean and completely safe: made out of food-grade plastic, it is free of phthalates and BPA that could pose a hazard to your health.

In addition, it can hold it’s standing position without help so it can be a funny, charming, eye-catching decoration whenever not using his 1.5″ long “stopper” to plug your wine bottles (and be sure it will act as a conversation starter too: everybody is going to ask what does it do).

This funny novelty item will make a hilarious gag gift for newlyweds, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Secret Santas, white elephant parties, wine stoppers collectors, as a gift for a kid that just came of age or simply for anyone that likes to drink and has a great sense of humor!

9.1Expert Score

The Sir perky wine stopper is ready for the job to keep your favorite wine fresh longer.

Value for money

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