Wisp Broom Cleaning Set Self Sealing Foot Operated Dustpan

Let’s be real for a second: no one really likes cleaning. It’s boring, it’s annoying, and we only do it to keep up with societal expectations of what a house should like. But we need to be hygienic and keep reasonable health standards, so we are forced to clean and not allow the floor to become a writhing mass of mould, cookie crumbs, and cat hair. If you are as annoyed by cleaning as most people and want to make it easier, we have a solution: the WISP broom cleaning set.

This set comes with the WISP broom ( a telescopic broom with electrostatic bristle technology, designed for one-handed uses and able to reach difficult corners and spaces) and the foot-operated dustpan (with unique self-sealing technology for extra hygiene). You can choose the set (that comes with a bonus of a mini dustpan and a whisk hand brush) or only the wisp broom for less high technology high cleanliness amazing gadgets but also less hassle when it comes to cleaning.

8.7Expert Score

The perfect combination for your home cleaning needs.

Light weight
Easy to use

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