Wooden Dice with Bonus Rollzee and Farkle Scoreboard

Are you a collector of dice (it is a legitimate hobby)? Vision problems? Do you need massive, gigantic dice for some reason, like playing some popular yard games? Well, then we would love to introduce you to this Gosport Giant Wooden Dice Playing set!

These gigantic wooden dice are not only really big (as big as your hand !), but they are extremely high quality, sturdy wood perfectly sanded for a soft, smooth finish (as they don’t have a sealer finish), and the dots on the sides are burned on so they will never rub off. The set includes a canvas bag carrying six playing wooden dice and a double side dry-erase board to keep the score, and they are great to play any sort of games that involves dice, especially outdoors (no matter where: yards, sidewalk, sand, this dice are great for all of them !).

We can’t think of many reasons why you would need gigantic wooden dice. Perhaps they can double as chairs? Perhaps you can use them for a photoshoot? Perhaps as a gift for a friend that loves dice and has vision problems? Perhaps you can paint them and use them as modern art? However we can promise you one thing: they are incredibly fun to play with and will turn any family game (Yard Yahtzee, for example) night 10x more hilarious just by having this titanic, humongous dice around!

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