Yoda Backpack An Awesome Backpack More Than You Could Expect

Ever wanted to become a Jedi? Want to pretend to be Luke Skywalker in the swamps of Dagobah? Need to carry your massive collection of Yoda figurines, but your backpack is not cool enough to contain all the awesomeness of your collection? About to do the most amazing cosplay ever but something is lacking? No problem, get ready to step up your cosplay game with this fantastic Yoda backpack!

This soft, cuddly Yoda backpack will keep all your things secure as it’s plush and fluffy so you can rest assured nothing will break even if it falls or if it takes a hit! Not only that but this backpack is incredible and they comes with high quality with amazing cloth, strong seams and nice zippers to ensure that it will last you many, many years.

Based after the movie A New Hope it looks so realistic that it seems like Luke and Leia are about to come for it soon! This Yoda backpack includes a base so you can display all it’s awesomeness even when not wearing it and magnets that can be used to attach the base when wearing it for extra stability!

All in all, this is a perfect backpack for the Jedi cosplay, Star Wars fan or anyone who is into cult movies! Your boyfriend, your best friend, your geeky neighbour next door, and your dad who went to see the movie when it came out will be extremely jealous of the cool factor this backpack is going to give to your outfit!

8.7Expert Score

An awesome backpack more than you could expect for your little star wars freak.


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